Once again, we’re back with yet another feature that makes the RAGE 2 game so delicately unsafe for viewership, and ultimately satisfying for the one behind the gun. While we’ve already had the discussion on why every pull of the trigger is a blissful experience, there’s way more to the game than just jolly to wield RAGE 2 weapons! And as such, today we’re presenting a sum up of all the Nanotrite-driven abilities.

ID Software and Avalanche climbed quite a mountain to present an absolutely consuming gunplay mechanics and style, however, that’s not the only mountain they managed to beat. RAGE 2 abilities are another addition which complements already outlandish gameplay with even more massacre variety for an overpowered super soldier that you are in control of. Four of these you receive right from the get-go, and there are seven more to unlock.

The principle to unlocking the Nanotrite-based RAGE 2 abilities follows the same fashion as your backpack of cannons did. That is, you traverse the vast in-game world, you discover the scattered Arks, you beat multiple dwellers surrounding the location, and you take what’s rightfully yours. In a sense, the practice is a bit terrifying – a top class soldier walks into a camp, kills off everyone on sight and receives a boost that only enhances the further killing potential, terrifying indeed.

It’s also worth noting that none of RAGE 2 abilities are essential to complete the main story missions, however, we’d highly recommend you start your journey by collecting these first. It’s like Pokémon – you gotta catch ‘em all! Not only will these enhance your gameplay experience, but they will also present numerous unique options on how to express your aggressive nature in more intricate, subtle, and more thought through manner! You already possess the talent to make an art out of massacre, now all you need is the right tools. So, let’s look at what you are capable of!


As far as RAGE 2 abilities go, this one is literally addictive. You’ll be using the Overdrive every moment it’s up, and while it’s on cooldown, you’ll keep glancing at the timer for another fix. And guess what? It’s yours from the very beginning. Overdrive is pretty much a dose of RAGE 2 spirit shot right into your soul – you’ll move faster, inflict more damage, reduce cooldowns, and regain more health. On top of that, the ability can be levelled up and tuned with perks – because why not.


Some RAGE 2 abilities were made for offence, and others were intended for defence, however, it’s RAGE 2 we are talking about. As far as RAGE 2 semantics extend, both offence and defence mean inflicting damage. While it’s true that dash allows you to quickly pace out of danger in whichever direction, the true nature of this ability is to get the lvl2 perk, Dash Strike – now you can dash straight into your foe and inflict a heavy melee attack as a nifty bonus! Also, Double Dash is a thing.


Okay, we might have gone a bit overboard. Yes, RAGE 2 abilities can be purely defensive as well, and the Constitution is a prime example of the fact. It’s one and the only intention is to shield you from the incoming damage and regenerate a part of the missing health over a period of time. When you think about it, it’s quite useful to know that you’re not alone in this battle, and that Constitution will always have your back… front, top, or whichever other direction the bullets are coming from.


The very last out of the four primary RAGE 2 abilities is probably the most important because, without it, you couldn’t open any of the hidden Arcs! Nay. without it, you couldn’t even repair your ride! Consider Focus as your rational thinking part – just with an intact cooldown timer. Focus also allows you to highlight your targets and with a few additional Nanotrite Boosters for perks, you can also partake in some unfair remote detonation and ramped up regeneration affairs!  


While the first four RAGE 2 abilities are somewhat essential, others are quite optional, but we’ve had this discussion before – just get them! Shatter is located in the very heart of the Twisting Canyon, Junkers Pass Ark. This Nanotrite ability is protected by a bunch of weaklings that will explode just by witnessing your terminator-like presence, so don’t hesitate to acquire it immediately. Basically, Shatter allows you to Fus Ro Dah your opponents into oblivion. Is further explanation even necessary?


Vortex is one of the few RAGE 2 abilities which literally makes you feel sorry for the fellows standing in your way. Turn Northwest of Vineland, and on the very edge of Twisting Canyon search for the Quake Hill Ark. There are but a few weaklings on the lookout so it’ll be a breeze. Vortex is essentially a black hole resembling crowd control effect that drags a bunch of enemies into a point of focus, holds them tightly for a few seconds, and then spits the collective mash out. There’re tons of fun ways to use it – it’s up to you to discover them!


Slam, much like Vortex, is of the category of RAGE 2 abilities that make the supernatural look natural, at least for you. The ability is located in the northern Torn Plains part, Earthscar Ark. In comparison to Shatter and Vortex, the enemies here are a tiny bit stronger, nothing too serious though. Slam is your ground-pound attack: first, you jump, then you slam. Slam has a few intricate mechanics, the higher you jump, the stronger the inflicted damage is. Also, perk it up and create a gruesome Vortex-like effect right before the impact.


Another one of RAGE 2 abilities that go straight into the supernatural corner. Grav-Jump is hidden in the Broken Tract, Great Crack Ark. If you’re now rolling with Vortex, Shatter, and Slam abilities, the guards here will be of no match to you, so just snatch it in an instant. Grav-Jump allows you to float around in the air like a merciless butterfly – the more foes you’ll take down while airborne, the longer you’ll be able to glide in a joyous manner. While not particularly tasty on its own, it’s super effective together with Slam – much like peanut butter and jelly.


While each of RAGE 2 abilities have their fair share of uses, Defibrillation is pretty much game-changing. Revisit the Broken Tract and look for Canyon Cove Ark. The enemies protecting this one are much stronger compared to those that you’ve dealt with unlocking the previous abilities, keep that in mind. The ability offers you your life! You get knocked down, you’re about to die, everything is turning black, and then your heart gets restarted in a flash! Live to die another day. Also, perk it up to the max and you’ve achieved immortality (or as close to it as it gets) congratulations.


There’re three RAGE 2 abilities hidden in the Broken Tract, and Barrier is the third. Locate the Spikewind Ark and prepare for some serious trials, the enemies protecting this treasure are quite bothersome to deal with, seriously. However, in the end, it’s more than worth it. The barrier allows you to spawn protective walls that both protect you from the harm’s way and inflict damage for those brave (or dumb) enough to get close to it. Bro tip: it works particularly well in combination with Vortex.


While the game is fast-paced as it is, with the last addition to your RAGE 2 abilities’ list, it gets even faster. Rush can be acquired going south of the trade town Lagooney in Sekreto Wildlands, Dealypipe Ark. The resistance in the area will be at a similar level to what you’ve had to endure by acquiring Barrier. Are you a fan of Sonic saga? Because once you get to used to Rush, Sonic will become a relic of the past. Much like the name suggests, Rush to your enemies with intent to kill! It’s fast, it’s efficient, and like all other RAGE 2 abilities – it’s deadly. Bro tip: perk it up to the max and temporarily vanish! Sonic who?