Last week, during the online QuakeCon event, Bethesda shared some good news with Quake series fans and gifted players with a free copy of the original Quake game. The promotion was focused on collecting some money for the charity – each download meant a few bucks added to the pool. During this time players managed to collect over 30 000 dollars, so Bethesda decided to thank their fans. Everybody knows that the best thank you gift is a free game – well, we will get two.

This week, upon logging into your Bethesda account you can claim your free copy of Quake II. However, promotion only lasts for 72 hours and has already started. You still have some time to claim the game but be aware that the clock is ticking.

If you’ve seen this post a bit too late, don’t worry too much, while we have some copies of classic Quake games at a very good price, you can also set an alarm for August 17th. On this day Bethesda launcher will kick off another similar promotion, only this time players will be able to snag a copy of legendary Quake III: Arena.

While these games are old, they still offer plenty of fun and action. Having in mind the fact that old servers will be populated once again, we really recommend you indulge in some nostalgia. And if by some chance you’re super late to the party, don’t worry – we have you covered.