Just a couple of weeks ago, PUBG Corp. announced that the team is currently working to include more narrative into beloved battle royale game. Today we can see the first result of this initiative. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has released a new cinematic trailer that reveals the dramatic story behind the game.

The narrator of the new trailer is the infamous Playerunknown. He remembers 1965 when he was a young boy and his home, Erangel, was bombed by an unknown force. The boy became the last person alive on the island. In the present day, he runs the show from the comfort of his wealthy living room in front of a huge screen streaming the battles.

In addition to the new cinematic trailer, the game is also receiving some changes to accommodate this new narrative. PC test server already has some notable changes in the Erangel map. One, in particular, is weird playable turntables scattered across the map. Players will be able to activate these and get some additional audio recordings.

To be honest, we weren’t expecting Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds lore to fascinate us. In a game about looting, running, and gunning, we took PUBG Corp’s initiative to include a story into the battle royale game as a joke. Now, the joke is on us. Of course, the new trailer raises much more follow-up questions, but we believe that the video wasn’t a one-time experiment by PUBG Corp. We’re likely to get some more in the future.