Releasing a game in China is one hell of a job. Last year, PUBG Corp made a deal with Tencent to release a mobile version of the game in China markets. However, the Chinese government had the approval for all games frozen and even after the freeze was lifted, PUBG Mobile still had to wait for the approval to allow monetizing the title. Tencent’s patience has ran out and so, the company pulled down the game and replaced it with a more ‘patriotic’ version of battle-royale called Game for Peace.

In its essence Game for Peace is the same PUBG Mobile game, featuring only a few key differences. To please the Chinese government, Tencent pitched the game as a military training exercise. While you can shoot people in-game they won’t die, and instead, will get back up on their feet and wave goodbye. And it’s hilarious.

Lastly, the blood effects were also removed in order to avoid further accusations of violence. Additionally, every three hours Game for Peace will give a reminder to quit the game if the player is younger than 16 years old.

If you think that’s a funny way to avoid government’s bans, think again. According to sources, Game for Peace quickly made its way to iOS game charts in China and currently holds the number one spot in terms of earned revenue.