The Rising Storm event in Overwatch brought a lot of goodies to the game. Players received numerous new skins, sprays, highlight intros and a significant portion on new Overwatch lore. However, to many players surprise, Blizzard also included an entirely new map set in Havana, Cuba.

The Rising Storm event is taking place in multiple areas of future Havana, so the Blizzard decided not to throw away the assets after the event’s conclusion. Game’s director Jeff Kaplan confirmed that Havana comes as the newest map in Overwatch and it will be available for testing in Public Test Realm (PTR) very soon.

From what we’ve gathered by playing the scenario, Havana seems to be a payload type of map. It has three distinct areas which are reminiscent of other payload maps in the game. However, the mystery lies whether the new map will be a Hybrid or Escort. Our money is on the Hybrid type as it has been almost a year and a half since the previous Hybrid map, called Blizzard World, was released.

Before the official release, Havana might be tweaked to be suitable for competitive matches. As an example, Jeff Kaplan noted that current Havana setting will receive time of day and weather changes alongside some other alterations.