We’ve been eager to learn more about the upcoming holiday season hitting our favorite games. One of these favorites is the critically acclaimed Blizzard’s hero shooter Overwatch and its annual event called Winter Wonderland. Guess what? Without any prior teases Blizzard has just revealed that it will begin today!

Overwatch Winter Wonderland comes with two special game modes that will be familiar to longtime Overwatch fans. In the arcade, players will be able to queue up for a Yeti Hunter mode (5v1 skirmish) or join an epic snowball fight in Mei’s Snowball Offensive where every hit is lethal. It’s a nice change of pace for everyone looking for some fresh experiences.

As with all seasonal events, Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland brings a lot of new sprays, emotes and more, but most importantly SKINS… This year, the legendary treatment is aimed towards the newcomer Sigma which gets an icy costume (still no shoes though):

During Overwatch Winter Wonderland, players will be able to earn some older skins as well. Throughout the years, Blizzard has accumulated quite a collection of winter-themed skins for every hero, so it’s your chance to get something you craved for years, but didn’t manage to get it on time.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland begins on December 10th on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch and will run until January 2nd.