Overwatch is already on Nintendo Switch and if you’ve been a long Nintendo fan, now is your chance to experience the game that took the world by storm, right on your favorite console! If you like shooters, especially the team-oriented ones, this game is for you. What’s so awesome about Overwatch Nintendo Switch release you may ask? Well, from now and onwards, you have the ability to take your favorite game on the go. Play with friends while traveling or just when you think you have a free minute to spend.

Game modes

Quick Play

Once you set-up your new Overwatch team, there will be several modes to pick from to get started. There is the traditional team match, where two teams compete for set objectives. This mode is called Quick Play and supports 4 different map types: Assault, Hybrid Control, and Escort. Much like any other console port, Overwatch Nintendo Switch release will also offer all of the previously released maps. These are mix automatically, and you never know what you might get in your next game, so that’s exciting!


And if you get tired of Quick Play, you can always get to the Arcade. Over the years, Arcade has been continuously built upon and now has plenty of joy to offer. There are several interchanging gameplay modes that are unique to the title. Some might be 6v6, others – 3v3, some – free for all. Everyone will find something for themselves in Arcade. Modes usually rotates on a week-to-week basis, so Overwatch Switch release will give you plenty of content to explore and try out. You’ll never run out of variety, and repetition is completely out of the question here, since the game is designed to provide the player with most content possible in a limited setting.


Then there’s the Competitive mode. This one will test both your skill and willpower because you will be going against other players, and it’s not just for fun! Competitive is set up just like Quick Play, so you will have time to get accustomed to the maps and gameplay before jumping in. Competitive is seen as a higher tier than Quick Play because you are assigned a rank that is based on your skill and performance during your games. So, Overwatch Nintendo Switch release will pretty much present the same quality of matchmaking for Nintendo players. Test your ability and teamwork wherever you find yourself in; on a train, in a park, during a lecture? Go wild!

Character categories


One thing that Overwatch is surely known for is its characters. The game carries a tremendous roster for you to pick from, but these characters fit into three categories. First, on the list are the Supports.  Support characters heal their team and provide other useful utilities, such as speed boost, shield or even a quick revive. So, calm yourself down if you thought that Overwatch Nintendo Switch release will differ in the roster. It has all the supports that the other versions do! Keep in mind, though, that supports are the most vulnerable of the three groups, so play with extra-care!


The damage type contains the biggest group of characters. They used to belong in two separate sections called offense and defense, but now they are all categorized into one division while maintaining their either defence or offense-oriented abilities. Damage type characters are the backbone of the team since they are the ones who can bring the most… well, damage. However, they also require tactical thinking because if you run ahead guns blazing, you won’t win – unless death counts as winning.


Overwatch Switch release offers one last group of characters and these are known as Tanks. They are sturdy and can withstand great amounts of damage, so, in the most obvious sense, they are the protectors on the team. Many have shields or other abilities that will protect them and the team from harm, however, they are slow and usually do not do much damage, at least compared to… well, Damage. Overwatch also introduces new characters from time to time, so the learning curve is always on the rise. These new characters often rotate in their role, so if you get a new Tank, next you can expect for Damage or Support.

Seasonal Events

Overwatch Nintendo Switch release is nothing but awesome in every sense. Much like on other devices, you’ll receive the best attractions and events: seasonal events first come to mind. Every so often, usually corresponding to actual holidays, such as Halloween (this one is right around the corner and we’ve already written all you need to know about Overwatch Halloween in our other blog post) or Christmas, the game will host a themed playthrough. During such times, you will be able to receive seasonal loot boxes by simply playing – these boxes contain special skins and other unlocks. These skins will get locked once the event ends, so there’s always a time limit to keep in mind. But do not worry, seasonal events are usually annual, so when the year passes, you will get another shot.


So, Overwatch Nintendo Switch release brings a myriad of heroes, modes and some fantastic events, though that’s not all, along with these features you will also be able to customize your favorite characters – head to toe. There are a variety of skins that your character can use, some exclusive, others available any time you please. Next to skins you also can receive emotes – little movements your character makes, such as a dance or laughter.

These unlockable items can be gained from special loot boxes, which you may earn by doing respective tasks or even by simply leveling up. There’s also an option to buy them. But there is no guarantee of what you will find inside. Overwatch Switch release is no different than the regular one and the unlockable items are cosmetics only, you will not be receiving any edge against your enemies. You will just look great!

Is Overwatch Nintendo Switch release worth the buy?

You might have a question about the longevity of the game. After all, it came out some years ago. Well, let us reassure you – the game has an impressive number of players and now offers even more robust and exciting gameplay than when it came out (and it would definitely the title that came out with a loud bang). Additionally, with Overwatch now available on your Nintendo Switch console, you will have even more accessibility – portable matches are unlike anything else!

All in all, Overwatch is a great team-based shooter, one that sets the standard for all who followed. Overwatch Nintendo Switch release should only make it even more popular, accessible, intense and exciting, and if you own a Nintendo Switch, it’s probably one of the best purchases you can make today! So, if you’re interested in joining this thrilling team-based shooter, or simply want to expand your access to the game, our store has you covered – check out our price for the title!