Right after this September‘s Nintendo Direct (yep, this device wasn‘t showcased there),  a new video for Switch launched on YouTube. In it, Nintendo presents a bunch of people in different cities performing various different movements while holding a strange circle-like controller device. For now, there‘s no name to the strange device, and the only thing the video clearly states is that the player‘s gaming experience will get even more interactive and physical – exercises and group activities first come to mind.

Nintendo is known to present ways for players to be more active and healthy, the good example of this would be the Wii Fit. And this ring-like band with Joy-Con attached to its sides looks to be the next big thing that‘s coming to Switch. While we pretty much have no other information regarding the device, we won‘t be needing to wait for long – the more in-detail introduction will be brought next week, on 12th September.

And even though we‘re lacking pretty much any official info, from what we‘ve seen from a video it‘s clear – this will not be your simple wheel-like gaming device for Mario Kart 8. Deluxe – this one will track body movements, will have some sort of a resistance meter (the video shows people squeezing the ring with both their hands and legs), even such activities as dancing and yoga are shown to be in the mix. So, if you haven‘t yet bought yourself a Nintendo Switch, and even Nintendo Direct didn‘t convince you to do so, maybe the focus on exercise during your gaming time will. Time will tell!