Yesterday, The Pokemon Company held a special press conference in Tokyo. During it, the company has revealed a range of new games, services and even hardware which should reach Pokemon fans in 2019 and beyond. Here’s everything you need to know!

Pokemon Home

There are plenty of Pokemon games out there. If you’re a fan of these games the most annoying thing for you must be managing your Pokemon collection spread across multiple titles. To solve this, The Pokemon Company announced a new cloud-based service, called Pokemon Home, which will allow you to store and share your Pokemon collection across multiple games and platforms. In addition, Pokemon Home will have plenty of social functions to reconnect you with your fellow trainers.

Pokemon Sleep and Pokemon Go Plus +

Pokemon Go allowed us to score points while walking outside. Pokemon Sleep will allow us to score points while sleeping. We’re not kidding… During the conference, The Pokemon Company announced a new mobile game which ‘aims to turn sleeping into entertainment’. It’s hard to imagine its basic principle or how it’ll work but the official description notes that the new game will be paired with the new device called Pokemon Go Plus +.

The description of the new device states that ‘Pokemon GO Plus +, will connect to Pokemon Sleep and launch with the app. The device will use an embedded accelerometer to track a user’s time sleeping and send this information to their smartphone via Bluetooth. This new device also has the same functions as the original Pokemon GO Plus, so Trainers can use it with Pokemon GO during the day and with Pokemon Sleep at night’. It should launch sometime in 2020.

Pokemon Masters

Last, but not the least of the Pokemon news, is a new mobile game that focuses on 3v3 battles. Pokemon Masters will feature a collection of known trainers and their Pokemon. As always, the gameplay will revolve around a turn-based battle with two opposing sides. Currently, it’s not clear on whether you’ll be able to play the game with your friends, or if the experience is designed for single player.

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