If you have gone through our previous list of best Christmas gift ideas for gamers and you still somehow find yourself struggling – no worries! There are many more options to choose from and the selection of possible gifts can be very wide and generous. This time around we’ll cover gift ideas by focusing specifically on the Xbox platform. If you know an Xbox owner and you want to make them happier during this Christmas, you can consider some of the following gift ideas.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Picking Christmas gifts for Xbox gamers without considering Halo is not a wise move, especially since the Xbox flagship Halo franchise kickstarted this platform in the first place! Since recently, Halo: The Master Chief Collection is all over the gaming news with it being ported to PC. So far only Halo: Reach has released but the Xbox owners have an awesome privilege to play all games of this legendary sci-fi FPS franchise right now! Well-written science-fiction story of an epic scale and competitive multiplayer are just a few of the reasons to give these console FPS classics a try!

Gears 5

Aside from Halo, Gears of War is probably the second most important game franchise on the Xbox, making the latest installment – Gears 5 – one of the best Christmas gifts for Xbox gamers currently on the market. This series revolutionized the third-person shooter genre by introducing such features like the cover system mechanic which was later used in many other TPS games. Gears 5 presents a female protagonist and it also features cool DLC characters like Grace and Rev-9 from Terminator: Dark Fate or even Spartans Emile and Kat from Halo: Reach, along with their original voice actors!

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an ambitious second installment in a massive western-themed game series created by Rockstar Games. Recently Red Dead Redemption 2 was ported to PC but faced technical difficulties at launch, therefore Xbox version of RDR2 is one of the best Christmas gifts for Xbox gamers as the game runs perfectly on the console. The open-world Wild West title offers an engaging 60-hour long campaign set in 1899, an abundance of side activities, strong sense of realism and a large multiplayer mode with custom characters to top it all off.

Borderlands 3

How about a stylish shoot n’ loot FPS with animated graphics, awesome sense of humor and an insane variety of guns? The latest iteration in the Borderlands series from Gearbox Software can’t be a wrong choice when picking Christmas gifts for Xbox gamers! The newest and the fastest-selling game in the franchise will once again feature 4 optional Vault Hunters to play as, adding lots of replay value to the game. This time around the action will expand beyond the post-apocalyptic planet of Pandora as the main cast will fight cultists who worship evil twins who indoctrinate their followers through social media.

Forza Horizon 4

Without a doubt, Forza Horizon 4 is one of the best racing games that are currently available on the gaming market. It’s certainly one of the best racing simulators that offer open-world exploration set in the in-game representation of UK. 450 licensed cars will serve as perfect Christmas gifts for Xbox gamers among which are supercars like the iconic Bugatti Chiron, which is famous for setting a real-world record for reaching 400 km/h!

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

If you are looking for a game with a strong and relatable female protagonist, then look no further than the Tomb Raider series! The latest Indiana Jones–type adventure in series – Shadow of the Tomb Raider – once again features the legendary archaeologist Lara Croft and expands upon such franchise-defining tropes as exploration, platforming, challenging puzzles, showdowns with aggressive wildlife, tense horror elements as well as semi-open secret city hidden in the jungle!

NBA 2K20

Among the possible Christmas gifts for Xbox gamers, there are many sports titles to consider. This is especially true if you have a basketball fan in mind as NBA 2K20 is a perfect choice in that situation! The game has something to offer both to newcomers and the veterans of the series by improving upon the gameplay mechanics of its predecessors. NBA 2K20 presents smoother ball handling, fluid dribbling, shooting and passing animations which were based on motion capture in order to reach maximum accuracy to real-life. Got any more NBA 2k20 questions? Overall, the title aims to provide a video game representation of basketball with no equal!

Metro Exodus

In some way, the post-apocalyptic setting of Metro Exodus makes it one of the most fitting Christmas gifts for Xbox gamers. Nothing kindles the Christmas spirit like a nuclear winter! The atmospheric FPS created by 4A Games transports the players to post-nuclear war ruins of Moscow. This dark world infested by mutants was inspired by post-apocalyptic novels of Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky. The player will craft weapons and face abominations that give a personified expression to the horrors of radiation. It’s a great way to relive feelings similar to those experienced watching the masterpiece HBO mini-series Chernobyl, which came out earlier this year.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

It would be fair to say that among the Christmas gifts for Xbox gamers the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate justifies its title. You can’t be wrong by choosing this service as a gift as any Xbox owner will be thankful for this one! The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription encompasses all other Xbox Live services allowing Xbox gamers to fully satisfy all the gaming needs of their own personal choice. This Pass includes access to multiplayer, free monthly games, exclusive discounts and more! Best of all, these features also become accessible using Windows 10 making it possible to use the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to expand the game library even on PC!

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