If you’re an avid gamer following the industry closely, you might’ve noticed that over the last weekend there was a new shitstorm surrounding highly anticipated upcoming game by Naughty Dog – The Last of Us Part II. Some asshole decided to spoil the game for everyone and leaked a bunch of story details, images, video scenes, and text summary of the whole The Last of Us Part II story to the public.

By ‘some asshole’ we mean someone from the company, of course. While we don’t want to judge anyone, especially after a lot of rumors and talks about crunch culture at Naughty Dog, spoiling a game for everyone and taking something away from your former colleagues who are in this together, is just unacceptable. Even if you had to work more than usual…

We’re resilient enough to not click on any link we get right away, so we cannot really say what was actually leaked, but a lot of gaming fans seem disappointed. It appears that the leak revealed a bit too much and fans of the game are angry. Some of us are angry because one of the most anticipated games of 2020 was spoiled, some are not happy about the direction Naughty Dog has taken.

However, thoughts on the leaked content’s direction or quality don’t really matter, we stand with Naughty Dog on this one, and condemn such action:

DO NOT SHARE THE LEAKS and keep calm. In addition to this statement, Naughty Dog and Sony also confirmed a new release date for the game. The Last of Us Part II will release on June 19th, 2020. You can wait for three more months without spoiling anything to yourself or anyone around you, right?