There’s no denying that Monster Hunter World is a huge success. Just recently, Capcom revealed that the game has sold more copies than any other Capcom title released in the previous years. Furthermore, the developer announced a new DLC for the game, titled Iceborne, and it is already available on consoles. To attract even more players and boost the sales of the new DLC, Capcom also announced a free trial week for PlayStation 4.

The free trial is live now and will run until the 20th of May. It will allow players of PlayStation 4 to play through the opening section of the game including all eight assignments. However, the trial does not include the full main storyline since it only features two out of five available locations to explore – Ancient Forest and Wildspire Waste are yours to wander.

As with all recent free trails, in the case, where you’d decide to purchase the full game, you could save all the progress made during the free week. Additionally, during the trial period, even the trial accounts are able to play online simultaneously with the players who already own the full version of Monster Hunter World.

Iceborne is the new chapter in Monster Hunter World and from what we’ve seen so far it seems to offer a huge content boost and should take a fair while to complete. In order to mobilize the community, it’s probably a smart move from Capcom to make the game available for a limited time. However, the offer only stands for PlayStation 4 players and there is no news about the game going free on PC or Xbox One. But don’t you worry. We have a great offer for the PC version of the game right on our store!