Hello there! If you’ve been following our blog, you know that –  here at Eneba –  we adore games. No matter the platform or genre, if we can launch it up somehow, we’re bound to try it sooner or later. And it just so happened that one of our team members has come across a rather different experience than those we’re used to presenting here. The game we’ll be featuring today can be launched right out from your pocket (and this time we’re not talking about Nintendo Switch) –  this time we’re diving deep into the mobile gaming experience!

And today, we’re bringing you our first impressions on Mobile Legends! Characters, UI & gameplay will follow shortly, but first, let’s run a quick overview of what the title is all about. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, developed by Moonton back in 2016, became an instant hit in Southeast Asia. It’s a 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) type of game, and even if you haven’t heard about the title before – in a sense, and by the very first impression, it might look pretty similar to League of Legends by Riot Games. However, it’s run on Mobile, and as such, it has a completely different vibe to it.

Mobile Legends APK

The game is built on the Unity engine and runs on both iOS and Android devices. While in-game, the player takes control of one out of 94 Mobile Legends characters, also known as heroes. These are divided into separate and distinct categories, such as tanks, fighters, assassins, mages, marksmen and supports. Each Mobile Legends hero has 3 unique skills and a passive (however, there are heroes who dare to defy this format e.g. Lunox and Zhask). By the very first impression (basically, by simply reading the skill manuals), all of the available heroes seem super OP, however, once you get into the actual gameplay, you won’t notice a lack of balance.

Mobile Legends characters are, indeed, quite balanced – however, that’s not to say that some heroes aren’t superior to others. Every character has a weakness or a counter-pick that can completely negate its use – and in team-centred gameplay, having such option is crucial. The game’s map is split into three lanes (top, mid, bottom) and the rest of the grid is covered with numerous other objectives, including various buffs, and the game-changing boss of the map – Lord. The end-game goal is, of course, to break your opponent’s towers and obliterate the main building.

Mobile Legends F2P aspect

To reach the end goal, a whole arsenal of tactics, strategy, and quick-paced execution manoeuvres must be put into use. Mobile Legends characters are quite expensive when considering the F2P aspect of the game, so if you’re new to the experience (much like our colleague) it’s a piece of good advice to try out a bunch of heroes’ prior to committing to your first purchase. Luckily, trying out new heroes is what Mobile Legends app is excelling at. There’s a bunch of weekly free heroes on the roster, as well as, numerous rewards for… simply playing. These rewards include gold (BP), trial cards (heroes/skins), mastery points and many other useful in-game additions.

The Mobile Legends app UI is simple and clear, though, there are quite a few options from which you can collect your rewards – often enough, the UI presents a tapping minigame in its own regard. Each of the Mobile Legends characters also has its own mastery book which contains a character’s backlog story. The majority of available rewards are locked behind certain achievement/progress requirements, however, most of these are doable by simply playing one of the numerous in-game modes, and by numerous – we mean it. The game offers 7 different options to choose from.

Mobile Legends game modes

For your casual fun, and general practice on getting better, probably nothing compares to the classic mode – any type of hero is welcomed here, and the map in classic (land of dawn) is exactly the same to the one you’d find on ranked mode. Ranked mode is probably the most interesting as it adds a competitive aspect to the whole deal. Only those Mobile Legends characters which you already own can participate, and you can only enter the trials from level 8 and above. The matches get exponentially more difficult once you scale up the ladder. The ladder is split into categories from warrior to mythic, with numerous levels in-between. The real deal in ranked starts once you’re able to use your Mobile Legends characters and climb up to Epic division. From then and onwards, the pick and ban (Draft Pick) phase begin.

The following modes are the bread and butter for those players who love to chill and simply enjoy some kick-ass moments in their own terms. Brawl, Survival, and Custom modes are perfect for the occasion. In Brawl mode, players are tossed on a single lane, the gold and experience increase significantly faster, additionally, players start the game at level 3 (15 being the highest). Brawl mode is packed with action and team fights with no option to turn back, it’s a dog eat dog world in this one. Survival is yet another deal, it’s best suited for those who think they’ve already mastered their Mobile Legends characters’ potential – one could compare Survival to the ever-popular battle royale format. Lastly, we’ve got the Custom experience – you’ll definitely like this one if you’re with a group of friends!

Mobile Legends personalization

When it comes to personalization and user interaction, the game excels at it in more than one regard. There’s a personalized profile to every account, which players can customize and modify in numerous ways. The game can also sync with Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms. There’s also a function to stream your own games directly through the game’s servers, and the game incentivizes viewership through additional in-game rewards! A smooth and seamless interaction through an open voice chat is also integrated – and this is an addition worth high praise. When Mobile Legends characters’ personalization comes to mind, there’s a hundred and one option that you can choose from.

Skins, skins, and one more time – skins! Since Mobile Legends is completely free, you are not forced to pay a zitch and can still compete at the very top level, however, if you want to compete in style – or get to your goals faster – the game offers a currency which you can only acquire by investing real money. By converting your money, you’ll get diamonds. And these can unlock a load of different, otherwise unavailable content. So, if you know someone who’s really into Mobile Legends (we certainly know at least one guy who’d love a skin for at least a few of his favourite Mobile Legends characters), you can always grab a Google Play card and use it as a well-meaning gift. It’s also worth mentioning that while there are multiple ways to stock up on diamonds, buying a prepaid Google play gift card on Eneba, financially, is amongst those most beneficial.