The news has hit the ceiling and it’s big… in fact, more than 176 million of you have made it be this big. Yes, we are talking about Minecraft, and yes, we’ve already stated the official sales numbers – more than 176 million copies sold. Precisely because of this occasion, and to honor the 10th anniversary of the undisputed King of the blocks, we’d like to make our own celebratory gest! To celebrate with a bang, some sweet and sour liquor is unavoidable!

A top-notch party requires for the top-notch recipes, and today we’re all into recipes and experimentation, hopefully, you are too! Minecraft potions guide, or rather, an intriguing recipe book, just so happened to find its way into our whereabouts. Of course, being the curious bunch that we are, we couldn’t resist glancing through. Right after the very first few pages, we instantly knew what must follow next. Such miraculous mixes simply have to be enjoyed by everyone!

So, find yourself an apron, and enter the world of liquid perfection, because today’s all about brewing! We are presenting a short but concrete Minecraft potions guide, so you too would be able to use the art of chemistry to impress your friends, colleagues, or even that special someone! From swiftness to strength, to increased regeneration, night vision, and even invisibility, your party drinks are certain to stand out! All you need to do now is, of course, craft the required equipment, collect the necessary elements, and get to boiling!

Brewing Equipment

We’ll start off our Minecraft potions guide with some latest-tech equipment you’ll need to get in order to successfully brew some fine-tuned drinkables.

Brewing Stand – crafting this is your number one priority! The brewing stand is basically a block on which, or rather with which, you’ll be brewing a limitless amount of potions, splash potions, and lingering potions! These awesome stands can be mined right from the get-go – any pickaxe will do! Of course, the better is your pickaxe, the faster you’ll get to the brewing part. To make yourself a Brewing stand, you’ll need three pieces of Cobblestone plus one Blaze Rod!

Cauldron – in our Minecraft’s potions guide we recommend you make a Cauldron, or two while you’re still setting up your workplace. The cauldron is essentially a block that can hold water (3 levels), and there’re tons of other ways on how it can be used to serve a meaningful purpose. Cauldrons can be crafted right from the get-go by using any pickaxe and mining 7 pieces of Iron Ingot. Once you have your Cauldron up and ready, you can fill it up with water using a water bucket, or a water bottle.

Blaze Powder – without having a Blaze Powder, Minecraft potions guide is not even worth reading further, Blaze Powder works as your source of energy to power your Brewing Stand, but it has some other uses as well. The Blaze Powder is obtainable from Blaze Rod, and it’s a two for one deal! Each piece of Blaze Powder will grant you the ability to make a hefty batch of up to 20 potions! It’s highly advised to always have at least a few Blaze Powders in stock – running out of drinks is not what we want!

Glass Bottle – this comes as a common sense, doesn’t it? However, a well-rounded Minecraft potions guide simply has to include this essential piece of equipment as well. So, a glass bottle can hold water and potions (no wonder), however, it can also store Dragon’s Breath! You’ll need 3 pieces of glass to craft one, but if you’re known as a common witch hunter in town, you might already own plenty, since Witches drop glass bottles (0 to 6)! Also, if you fill a glass bottle with water from Cauldron or water block, it’ll turn into a Water Bottle – the essential for every single brewed drink!


With all the necessary equipment set, let’s continue with our Minecraft potions guide and head to the Ingredients list! Various ingredients will alter your potions attributes in a wide spectrum of outcomes. There are the base ingredients, basically, those that are added to the Water Bottles at the very start, and then there are the secondary ingredients – those that determine the potion’s effect. Follow these guidelines and brew some awesome Minecraft potions!


  • Nether Wart – for Awkward Potion
  • Redstone Dust – for Mundane Potion
  • Glowstone Dust – for Thick Potion
  • Fermented Spider Eye – for Potion of Weakness
  • Gunpowder – for Splash Water Bottle
  • Dragon’s Breath – for Lingering Water Bottle


  • Blaze Powder – for Strength
  • Glistering Melon Slice – for Healing
  • Ghast Tear – for Regeneration
  • Golden Carrot – for Night Vision
  • Magma Cream – for Fire Resistance
  • Putterfish – for Breathing Underwater
  • Rabbit’s Foot – for Increased Leaping
  • Sugar – for Extra Swiftness
  • Spider Eye – for Poison
  • Phantom Membranes – for Slow Falling

Additional Features

Our Minecraft potions guide doesn’t end here, there are still a few additional features of which you should be wary. Knowing how to brew a fine potion is quite a skill to possess, however, enhancing your potions duration or effectiveness is an entirely different level of expertise.

Potions can be categorized into different variations, e.g. Poison, Poison II, or Poison Extended. Once you brew a potion, it has the desired effect, however, Minecraft potions can be further enhanced in two ways!

1)Add a Redstone to extend the potion’s duration even further – applicable to any potion that has a lasting effect.

2)Add a Glowstone to increase the potion’s effectiveness – also applicable to almost any potion, except for that toggle a certain ability on/off, e.g. invisibility potion.

Final Notes

Now you’re ready for the celebration ahead! Invite your friends to your household and mix some fine-tuned drinkables for everyone! It should be noted that our Minecraft potions guide was made to meet the standard set on the JAVA version, and you should be informed that there are a bunch of differences between the multiple platforms on which numerous Minecraft versions are available! Good luck, have fun, and try not to poison anyone along the way!