Halloween is quickly approaching, meaning that more games are kicking off their planned events for this holiday. Minecraft Dungeons is getting an event too. It’s called The Spooky Fall Event and will run from today until November 3rd, offering a variety of new rewards and difficult challenges for Minecraft Dungeons players.

If you wish to participate, you should know that this event will be a part of Minecraft Dungeon’s Seasonal Trails. In other words, players will have to complete a new set of challenges in order to get Halloween-themed items. As the developer puts it, The Spooky Fall Event will serve players the harshest conditions yet, adding a new Night Mode challenge that obscures the player’s field of vision.

For those who are looking to do something different, there’s a free expansion of the Apocalypse Plus mode which is here to stay. The update will add 20 more new difficulty levels for those who will complete Apocalypse VII.

There is a lot more new content planned for the future – Minecraft Dungeons should debut on Xbox Series X/S on November 10th. Earlier this month, Mojang also released a paid DLC and added cross-play options. This might mean that Minecraft Dungeons is only at the beginning of its journey. Be sure to join this growing community and check out our game prices!