Metro video game series, so far, has been quite an explosive blast. A franchise that has managed to captivate gaming audiences worldwide since as early as 2010 (with Metro 2033 release), continues going strong and brings one more DLC for the newest title in the series, Metro Exodus, released in 2019, February 15th. The newest expansion, Sam’s Story, arrives almost a year after the original title’s release – 11th of February is the date to mark on your calendar.

Coming from the Deep Silver and 4A Games, the second major story arch expansion continues exploring the former US Marine Sam. And if you’ve already experienced what the world outside of Moscow looks like, you are sure to find this new adventure not the least bit less thrilling, dangerous, and of course, adventurous. Prepare to, once again, immerse in the expansive ‘sandbox survival’ trials which will bring new storyline features, characters, weapons, and new gruelling mutant kinds.

Vast non-linear environments? – Check. Hours of immersive gameplay? – Check. Intense survival-centred action? – Check. Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia – it’s also a part of the Metro Exodus Expansion Pass (which also contains the previously released, and critically acclaimed The Two Colonels DLC). If by any chance you haven’t yet explored the scale, size, and depth of this thrilling piece, now’s probably your best bet to start catching up!

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