Even two years after its original release date, Dragon Ball FighterZ keeps on receiving new updates. The latest is bringing a new character to the game’s roster – Master Roshi. A famous turtle hermit will become the third addition coming to the game with FighterZ Pass 3. According to the news, Master Roshi will join the fight sometime next month.

If you’re an avid fan of Dragon Ball anime, Master Roshi needs no introduction. It’s a famous character that was the first master of Goku. A quirky character is a fan-favorite, so the new update should mobilize the community and bring some fresh players into the Dragon Ball FighterZ game.

The trailer features a brief look into Master Roshi’s default moves and voice lines, as well as his special finisher called The Evil Containment Wave. By playing this character, you will be able to stuff your opponent in a clay jar. It looks as good as it sounds, so we’re sure many fans will love it as well.

With Master Roshi, Dragon Ball FighterZ currently boasts a roster of 17 characters. Previous additions to the game with FighterZ Pass 3 included Goku’s Ultra Instinct version and Kefla. However, new announcements are not over yet. There are 2 more yet unannounced characters to come with FighterZ Pass 3 – back in February developers confirmed that Dragon Ball FighterZ third fighter pack will feature at least 5 new characters.

If you’ve never played Dragon Ball FighterZ, you should know that it’s an epic fighting game featuring a beloved roster of Dragon Ball anime characters. Most of these are voiced by original anime’s voice actors, meaning that it’s a must-play for every fan of the anime. Upon release, the game was praised by many critics as one of the best fighting games of the previous generation.

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