Marvel’s Avengers launched a few weeks ago and left many players with mixed feelings. Some players praised the game as a true AAA experience allowing fans of the franchise to enjoy a unique story about their beloved heroes. However, others were a bit pickier and bashed developers for many mistakes left in the game. And developers agree that certain things could be better. The latest Marvel’s Avengers’ patch fixes “over 1000 issues” reported by the community.

Crystal Dynamics released their patch notes and stressed that the team is hard at work trying to make the game better each day.

Hello Marvel’s Avengers community!       

Patch V1.3.0 is our first major patch since launch and addresses over 1000 issues you’ve helped surface these past two weeks, ranging from several progression stoppers to small graphical fixes.        

If you have bugs to report after installing this update, please post them to the Patch V1.3.0 thread on Reddit so we can track them and continue working towards fixes.       

While the focus of this patch was resolving bugs, future near-term patches will integrate more quality-of-life adjustments and feedback-driven features/tuning.       

We can’t thank you enough for your patience and support. Please keep it coming; you are helping shape the future of Marvel’s Avengers.        

– The Crystal Dynamics Tea

If you’re already playing the game, it will be interesting for you to browse through all of the changes. You can read the official patch notes by clicking this link HERE. It’s a huge list, so go grab a drink or something before starting your read. 

For the rest of you, this might be a sign to pick up the game and start playing. Seems like the development team doesn’t plan to leave the game as it is and will continue to make it better as days go by. The game is released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Google Stadia and next-generation console versions will be released a bit later.