Recent months in World of Warcraft Classic have been busy. Millions of people were leveling their characters, clearing multiple dungeons and taking on their very first raid bosses. However, in recent weeks, as many players finished up their leveling, a notable lack of content began to be more and more apparent, so Blizzard is finally rolling out Phase 2.

During BlizzCon 2019, game director Ion Hazzikostas told that the next phase of World of Warcraft Classic should begin very soon and now we know how soon. Phase 2 kicks off today with a weekly realm reset setting up PvP Honor System and introducing World Bosses.

PvP Honor System is a feature that allows your character to earn Honor points in the game while killing opposite faction characters of a similar level. For successful kills, you will earn Honor points which later can be exchanged for some sweet PvP oriented gear. This means that, from now on, kills in the open-world matter and are no longer just for fun. This will definitely make leveling more difficult for players who didn’t manage to ding level 60.

We should also add that with PvP Honor System in place Blizzard is removing realm layers to make these world engagements fair, disabling the ability for your character to hop between layers and avoid unfriendly Alliance or Horde members. Players who are playing on the most popular realms should also note that log-in queues might return. To solve this, Blizzard is offering Free Character Moves to other, less populated realms.

Lastly, there’s a new PvE/PvP activity for those who already cleared first raids and are looking for some additional challenges. With WoW Classic’s Phase 2 two new challengers are rising up – Azuregos and Kazzak are now yours to beat! So, you can start gathering your guildmates and prepare for a battle to tag the World Boss first. Also, be sure to expect some hunter bringing  Kazzak to Stormwind.

Next in line is World of Warcraft Classic’s Phase 3 which should bring Warsong Gulch & Alterac Valley for PvP players and Blackwing Lair raid for those who are more interested in PvE portion of the game. However, the release date for WoW Classic’s Phase 3 is not yet known.