Don’t you get tired of huge open-world maps, uncountable collectibles, the same format and formulas, and side quests that feel more like a chore and time-filler than an addition to the game’s story, world, and personality? If you’ve been pumping one triple-A game after another and ignoring the indie scene, you are missing out on some creative little masterpieces that easily rival the biggest video game franchises. 

AAA games sometimes start to feel like they were made to meet a deadline and fill the market with another yearly release, right? Don’t you miss the creativity, freedom, and heart? Dive into indie masterpieces that not only rival huge gaming blockbusters but are made with a pure passion for video games. 

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Among Us

Among Us is one of those indie games that became an overnight sensation

You may not have played it, but you most definitely heard about it. Among Us is the game that exploded overnight when some streamers discovered how amazing and fun the game was. And yes, the game is terrific and highly entertaining. Most definitely inspired by the classic Jon Carpenter’s paranoia-including masterpiece The Thing, Among Us, just like Monopoly, has the potential to destroy friendships and relationships, but every minute of it is worth it. 

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Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is one of the best indie games and a masterpiece that should be played by everyone.

Who remembers the times when farming games were a booming trend on social media platforms? Remember how we had to wake up in the middle of the night to take down crops or feed farm animals? Well, those days are long gone, but if you miss the experience, Stardew Valley is right up your alley. But, it’s not just a nostalgia pill, it’s a fantastic indie gem that’s full of heart and passion. Even if it’s not a game you typically play, every gamer should experience Stardew Valley. Why? Because it’s that good. And did you know that it was made by a single person?

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Death’s Door

Death's Door is a fun little indie game.

Just imagine that your nine-to-five job wasn’t going through tons of documents, hours spent in meetings, or sifting through tons of numbers. Instead, you are collecting souls and helping them to cross from one existence to the next. That’s Death’s Door. But what starts as just another day at work, in a very familiar video game fashion, suddenly turns into a beautiful isometric Metroidvania type action-adventure, and it’s up to you to save the day.

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Unpacking as an emotional and innovative indie masterpiece and a true gem even among other indie games.

Wait, what? A game where you have to unpack? Whoever thought of this idea?! No one likes unpacking! Were they seriously thinking someone would wanna play this? Hell yes! Unpacking is a little indie gem that uses a simple chore such as moving from one house to another to tell an emotional story. The innovative storytelling makes the player connect with its unnamed protagonist through small objects, trinkets, and memories through the entirety of her life and has the power to tap into our own experiences to remind us of things we grew out of, left behind, or have taken with us to the next chapter of our lives. Unpacking is truly a powerful experience.

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But wait, there’s more! Dive into the entire Indie Masterpieces collection, find games full of love and passion for gaming and experience the creativity behind them!

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