If you’ve been a fan of Bob for a while now, once again you can rejoice! Another day brings another trial and what’s even better, it comes completely free! Developer No Brakes doesn’t stop on providing awesome content for the wobbliest protagonist in town and the newest addition to the game is as steamy as you’d expect!

Pipes, barrels, and even a huge crane will test your skills to their very limits and then force you to go beyond what you thought was possible. Welcome to Steam, a short but fantastic level full of sweet trials, puzzles, and of course, platforms! If you and your buds have a few spare hours to toss in, Human: Fall Flat is definitely an option to consider.

If you’re unfamiliar with all the ruckus above, we’d highly suggest you check Human: Fall Flat out, it’s a captivating puzzle-platformer where you’ll have to learn to manoeuvre in the world created to make your life into an impossible venture; with every single shaky step you take, something might go off the plan. And the best part of it is that it’s not just you versus the world and its physics – it’s you and every other online player together!

We have got an awesome price for the title, and if you’re running low on entertainment, the newest Steam level might offer just what you needed.