Worms Rumble is the newest release in Team17’s classic Worms franchise that’s celebrating its 25th anniversary this year! Worms Rumble, though, is an important title because, for the first time in the series, players get to enjoy real-time gameplay in a Worms game! That’s right, a battle royale in Worms style. The game supports up to 32 players, presents an arena-based cross-platform multiplayer with a variety of game modes like Last Worm Standing and Deathmatch that’s going to shred you to pieces!

Of course, the newest iteration contains fan-favourite weapons like the Bazooka or iconic Holy Hand Grenade and introduces a bunch of new tools of destruction to have fun with. Playing real-time, it’s incredibly fun and even more challenging since you must act quickly when doing both – attacking and dodging the blows. During the open beta, some people got to get a glimpse of Worms Rumble gameplay and started sharing their impressions online, so we gathered the best tips and tricks for you to rock it in Worms Rumble battle royale! 

1. Don’t stick around in one place

Although you may seem to find a perfect spot for ambushing your opponents passing by, or the spot seems to have a cover, bear one essential thing in mind – a moving target is much harder to take down. Remember, there is no turn-based gameplay here, it’s all happening in real-time and you’re in an action-packed battle royale where all happens fast. You snooze, you lose! Be aware of your surroundings at all times, keep changing locations, and keep scouring the area for good spots where some clever ones could be hiding and forgetting they can be found just as easily.

2. Explore the arena

While in the heat of the battle, make sure to explore the arena and find the best spots from which you can attack well, or dodge attacks better. We said that it’s best not to linger in one place too long, and we stick to that advice, but it’s good to know your arena well to be able to utilize the environment to your advantage based on the need of the moment! Take elevators, jump into vents, and what not to avoid the blows coming your way. Wandering around quickly in the virtual enclosure without a clue makes you an easy target for other players, so in a nutshell – know your surroundings and use them wisely!

3. Choose the right weapons

If you want to perform effectively in a match, you should choose weapons based on your playstyle and the mode you are playing in. For instance, if you’re playing in Last Worm Standing, it’s best to focus on surviving rather than blowing away as many opponents as possible, so you can choose Rocket Shield. In Deathmatch, which is a timed mode, you might want all the grenades at your disposal along with the classic Bazooka or another ranged weapon. If you prefer action over caution, you go for offensive weapons that are closer to melee, and if you prefer to keep distance and protect yourself, exploding sheep and bananas are a good choice!

4. Monitor your mini-map

In Last Squad Standing and Last Worm Standing modes, you have only one life and game zones are constantly getting shut down, so it’s in your best interest to keep maximum vigilance not only towards your opponents but also keep your eye on the mini-map, so you are out of the zone before it closes up. Remember, it’s Worms Rumble battle royale! It’s wise to retreat if the need arises, that is, if you find yourself surrounded by too many opponents and notice the zone is about to close – run to safety before you lose that one and only life you have in this match!

5. Don’t get too crazy with Jetpack

Worms Rumble game introduces new utilities, as far as we are informed, there are two – Jetpack and Grapple Gun, a new version of Ninja rope, and possibly there will be more new utilities coming to the game. For now, people can indulge in having fun with Jetpack and Grapple Gun to their heart’s content, but there is a catch. Jetpack is awesome and makes things easier, but also makes you an easy target, so it’s best to use it when there aren’t many opponents around you. Like any battle royale, it’s best to be on the ground and as mobile as possible!

6. Make use of the frantic chaos

Once you start playing Worms Rumble, you will notice right away the engagement that real-time gameplay provides with the charismatic wormies and their hilarious expressions. If you thought that battle royale games are frenzied, wait until you see Worms Rumble – that’s right, it outdoes even Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout! The gameplay gets crazy within the first several moments of gameplay, and you can make the best use of this chaos by blowing enemies that are too busy engaging with each other and don’t notice your flying banana or the missile coming their merry way. Boom! Aaand they’re gone, never knowing who took them out.

7. Don’t take things too seriously

It’s always important to remember that we’re gaming to enjoy ourselves, experience new things, expand our horizons, indulge in different lores and narratives, or in the case of Worms Rumble game, to enjoy hectic gameplay in real-time, battle royale style. No need to stress over dying over and over, or getting too involved with achieving victory. Sure, winning feels great, especially in multiplayer games, but it all comes down to entertainment and having a good time, making us want to return to the game again and again, with no hard feelings. Enjoy yourself, go crazy, and have a blast blasting others and getting blasted yourself!

What does Worms Rumble have in store?

The game is not out yet, but we have had a beta version to try out, and we can say – Worms Rumble holds a lot of potential as both a battle royale and as a Worms title. It retains all the competitive features that make battle royale so addictive and fun. Worms Rumble has a multilayered arena with secret passages, and you can interact with your surroundings to escape quickly, shield yourself, or attack your opponents from a safe spot while sheep, bullets, grenades, missiles, and wormies fly all about! 

Although the introduction of real-time gameplay in the Worms series is a big change that may not be welcomed by all fans of the franchise, we wouldn’t say that the change in the gameplay changes the identity of Worms. On the contrary, the title brings some fresh content to the franchise, breathing life into the gameplay. The interactivity with other players and the environment brings a new level of fun, and it’s a power move they kept the iconic old weapons in spite of introducing many new features, weapons, and utilities. Read through our tips and tricks to enter the game with some knowledge, and have a good ol’ time shooting wormies!