In a weird turn of events the creator of Metal Gear Solid series and the most recent PlayStation 4 exclusive Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima received not one but two Guinness World Records awards. However, these awards were not given for his games.

Hideo Kojima became the most followed video game director on two social media platforms which earned him two separate awards. The first one is titled “Most followers on Twitter for a video game director” and the second one reads “Most followers on Instagram for a video game director”.

Kojima’s accounts broke these records after the release of Death Stranding. His Japanese account currently has more than 800 000 followers and more than 2,8 million followers on its English counterpart. Kojima’s Instagram managed to surpass 900 000 thousand followers which makes it the most followed video game director on the platform.

However, it’s a bit weird having two separate awards for social media following in a specific line of work, but Guinness World Records never was about common sense. To be fair, Hideo Kojima is still not the most popular video game person on social media. Minecraft’s creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson has 3.7 million followers but his title is video game developer, not a director. We’ve told you it’s weird…

It’s also worth pointing out that these two awards are not the first Hideo’s recognition from Guinness World Records. Back in 2006, Hideo Kojima received a very specific award for his Metal Gear Solid Digital Graphic Novel titled “The first interactive digital graphic novel for the PlayStation Portable”.