Greetings Guild Wars 2 fans today is the day to rejoice! Our beloved free-to-play MMORPG is getting a chunk of new content with the newest Icebrood Saga story season. The expansion is said to launch on September 17th and from what we’ve gathered, it will amaze even those most sceptic.

The new story arc will also present dozens of new features that should significantly raise your gameplay’s experience to even further heights. New astounding bosses and 10-man boss raids known as Strike Missions will combine the best aspects of GW2 and you’ll get to witness it first-hand! Coordination in raiding and around-the-world conflict awaits!

With the Icebrood Saga expansion, Guild Wars 2 are also venturing into a new 2-part story season, furthermore, the whole episodic season will come free-of-charge for players who own Path of Fire, the second paid expansion to their beloved game. And on top of that, ArenaNet has also proclaimed even more good news.

If you still haven’t bought the Path of Fire expansion, you’re in for an even bigger treat! The first DLC to Guild Wars 2, known as the Heart of Thorns will now be included as part of Path of Fire completely for free! So, if you’ve been wanting to start your GW2 experience, now’s the best time to get on it!

Also, those who have Heart of Thorns in their pockets since it’s release, or at least prior to this news, will receive a wondrous gift of appreciation. For already owning the Heart of Thorns expansion, older players will be rewarded with HoT Veteran’s Pack, the ‘’Vanguard’’ title, and a voucher code for one out of sixteen available armour skins on the gem store!