The PlayStation Blog announced that one of the most liked games of 2020, Ghost of Tsushima, will get a fan-requested New Game Plus mode which should add to the game’s replayability. It will be a mode dedicated to those who already completed the game but wish to play through it again on a higher difficulty.

It’s worth mentioning that new players won’t be able to access New Game Plus. It will only be available for those who have already completed Ghost of Tsushima’s campaign at least once. New Game Plus starts after the initial quest with the open-world already unlocked. A player will get a horse and all the gear and skills earned during the first playthrough. 

However, New Game Plus will serve you plenty of new goods to earn – there are a lot of powerful new charms, another rank of upgrades for your weapons and gear, and a few cool toys and cosmetics you can pick up while questing.

Of course, we shouldn’t forget that this update not only prolongs the game experience for some. It also includes a new co-op mode called Ghost of Tsushima: Legends. We wrote in detail about it in our previous blog post. It also brings a ton of other changes and tweaks setting up the game for the launch on PlayStation 5 console. If you wish to learn about all of this news from a primary source, we suggest reading through an official PlayStation post where Danner Bridges, a senior game designer of Sucker Punch Studios shared everything there’s to know about Ghost of Tsushima’s Version 1.1 update.

According to the news, this will land next week, on October 16th.