We bet it’s been a while since you’ve created your PlayStation Network name. And if you’re anything like us – now you hate your stupid young brain for creating that abomination of a name for the whole world to see. Fans of PlayStation spent years asking Sony for an option to change their PSN ID and Sony finally turned on the green light.

Starting today, every PSN user will get one free ID change before having to pay for the option. To get your name changed you need to log in to PSN through your PlayStation 4 console or PC, navigate to the Settings tab and find the Account Manager. There, you should click on your profile and Online ID button – this is where the magic happens. To avoid the unnecessary confusion after an ID change, you’ll be able to toggle on the option which shows your old PSN ID next to the new one.

However, even this long requested and carefully implemented feature has some downsides. PlayStation Blog states that Sony has found at least a couple of instances that do not fully support name changing. The company has clarified that any game published after April 1st, 2018 should be working fine, but bare in mind that not every title has been tested.

Additionally, Sony has provided a list of games that could present some issues for those who change their PSN IDs. You guessed it… this might even mean a loss of progress. You can find a list here.