Just yesterday we shared about the Xbox Games with Gold for the August of 2021 and now it’s time for PS Plus subscribers to see which free games are going to enrich the month of August. Seems like a dynamic month is due because these are the games that you can claim for free if you have an active PS Plus membership:

  • Hunter’s Arena Legends (PS5 and PS4)
  • Tennis World Tour 2 (PS5 and PS4)
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville (PS4)
  • Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown (PS4)

Hunter’s Arena: Legends (PS5 and PS4)

If you want to participate in the atmospheric battle arena, then Hunter’s Arena: Legends is a great game to add to the library for free. Hunter’s Arena: Legends is a 30 player PvP & PvE set in ancient Asia, offering a frenzied battle experience to let players sort out who is the best hunter the old way. Martial arts, swordplay, timed decision making, and versatile combat system allows players to utilize a major part of their skills. An absolute banger, if we do say so ourselves.

Tennis World Tour 2 (PS5 and PS4)

Claiming one of the best sports games in the market for free is an opportunity one can’t pass. The gameplay of Tennis World Tour 2 offers an active gaming experience where the player must take the bull by the horns to become a professional athlete. Realistic physics, multiple game modes, grand scale stadiums, 38 licensed top tier tennis players, and several more aces up the game’s sleeve to make your stay in the world of tennis memorable.

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville (PS4)

This game is the wackiest shooter one can probably find in the sea of shooter titles. In Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville you can go all-out in online multiplayer that supports up to 24 players. The final showdown between plants and zombies is going to be a sight to behold with the dynamic and frenzied battle system enhanced by an impressive arsenal of weaponry. Claim the game for free and delve into this mood booster of a game.

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown (PS4)

Another fighting game joins the ranks of August’s free PS Plus games, in fact, it is a 3D remake of a classic fighter title. Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown invites players to participate in the frenzied battling game where your fists and desire to triumph are your ultimate weapons. To realize your ambitions, you are given a roster of 19 distinct combatants, each gifted with different strengths and weaknesses, move sets and combos. The competition is as fierce as it gets, so it would be a shame to miss out on the unique chance of getting this remake of a cult-classic for free.