Fortnite is, without a doubt, the game that took the world by storm. Not only did it shoot to the stardom, but it also took its players with it, offering rewards for competitions and even in-game goodies, packs, bundles and all else that’s needed to make your gaming smooth and fairly entertaining. Therefore no one should be surprised that new Fortnite season 11 is set to be ground-breaking. Some could say it was a long time coming, with the giant countdown looming overall, and it appears that this Autumn we will finally have the answer to what and how.

When does it start?

There is no true confirmed date for the game’s new season, but we can safely speculate that the current season will end before the second half of October. Some fans assume (or maybe calculate, you never know with Fortnite players!) that the current season will last until October 13, so we can viably assume that new Fortnite season 11 will begin after that date. Until Epic releases the definitive date and time, all we have is rumours. However, since one season typically lasts about 10 weeks (there are exceptions of course) and because the season 11 was already delayed from its initial release date on October 6, the calculation to place it in the middle of the month seems accurate enough. And we cannot wait!

Improved matchmaking?

The game’s new season brings reworked matchmaking with it. The players will be matched by their skill level, placing them in a map with the manageable competition. New Fortnite season 11 should breathe some fresh air into the game because the new and inexperienced players will likely not be matched against opponents that destroy them in one go. And it goes the other way too: experienced players will have some real challenge to sink their claws into, with better matches and adversaries that will put their skills to the test. Of course, how exactly this still level will be calculated is not very clear, but we have to trust Epic and their plans for equalized gameplay for their fanbase.

And speaking of adversaries, new Fortnite season 11 is set to give the players a new hurdle in their road to glory in the form of bots. These NPC enemies are a weird mechanic but in a good way. Apparently, the higher up the skill-chain you are, the lesser chance there is of bots appearing in your game. This cements the idea that bots are mostly added to help the new players. After all, the more targets you can shoot at, the better your aim will become! Everyone wins! We have to applaud Epic for giving their new players a helping hand, especially since the game has been thriving for so long. New Fortnite season 11 is bound to have a lot of differently skilled players milling around, and such changes increase the fun for all of them.

Map changes?

The elephant in the room when it comes to the new season is the map changes. There are a lot of rumours and speculations and other fan-guesses as to what will happen to the painfully familiar maps. The tagline “The End” causes excitement for some, and apprehension for others. The countdown that hangs over many of the more curious players might very well destroy the game’s setting as we know it. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing! New Fortnite season 11 may be set up to surprise the players, yet there are still rumours and whispers that aim to unravel the mystery. From a screenshot that hints at saying the goodbye to the battle bus (though this one might be hard to fully embrace) to undefined background construction works happening, the fanbase has their hands fun trying to decipher the future plot before it’s even fully announced.   

Fan speculations?

Fans of Fortnite have always been dedicated, but the mystery of season 11 provides plenty of fodder for their ideas. There are speculations about maps, requests for collaboration and a whole lot more. New Fortnite season 11 has a lot to live up, especially when you see the fans hinting for Epic to have crossovers with other famous brands (like NBA) because Borderlands collaboration inspired the fans to imagine their favourite franchises together in one field. But much like the true release date, nothing is truly concrete when it comes to this season. And maybe that’s for the better, as keeping up the image of mystery will only increase fan engagement.

The Darkfire bundle!

The last thing we want to discuss is the promised Darkfire bundle that will be released for consoles on November 5. New Fortnite season 11 should start before that date, and this hints at the overall theme of the new season. Darkfire bundle is, as the name suggests, not a happy-go-lucky release. Instead, you will be getting purple motifs and darker tones, which might set the season 11 as one of the more serious or, at the very least, gloomier. Currently, the bundle is promised to be released for the consoles only, offering several costumes and other goodies, so if you want to face whatever danger that comes in brilliant style, consider investing in this fairly exclusive pack.

The sum up!

New Fortnite season 11 is riding out the suspense till the very last moment. Little is known about it; however, certain things are clear: the new season will have changes to both gameplay and environment. New players will have an easier time getting to the battles, and their skill will be grown with the help of Epic. Also, it is safe to say that the new season’s theme will be dark and oozing with danger.

This undercuts the overall jovial tone that Fortnite usually has, but also gives the game a fresh concept to work with. And the last thing on which we can safely speculate is the Fortnite season 11’s battle pass. The price is likely to remain the same – about 950 V-Bucks for regular and a hefty 2800 for boosted version. So, based on the intel we’ve managed to acquire, it’s about time to stock up, man up and stare the countdown in the face!