Epic Games knows how to keep Fortnite fresh and attractive. After taking a bath in the previous game update which brought on a massive flood, the battle royale is gearing up for the next update called Joy Ride and will bring various vehicles into the game.

According to the news, Joy Ride Update will bring 4 unique cars – the Islander Prevalent sedan, Victory Motors Whiplash sports car, OG Bear pickup truck, and Titano Mudflap six-wheeler. All of these cars will spawn across the map in various random locations, so if you’ll find one, be sure to take it out for a spin. You will be able to drive around by yourself or pick up your squad and cruise across the map with haste.

These cars can be fueled at any Gas Pump on the map. If you’re not close to one, you can find some throwable Gas Cans scattered around the island. These can be refilled, blown up, or… well, we don’t know what else you can do with a Gas Can, but we’re pretty sure you’ll figure it out.

Lastly, we should mention that all cars will be equipped with a radio device, so players will be able to listen to their favorite music while driving around the island. According to Epic Games, there will be a few different radio stations blasting tunes all day long. The developers also provided an option to disable licensed audio tunes which will be super useful to Fortnite content creators.

While transportation in Fortnite is not a new thing (previous updates featured golf-carts and boats) it’s the first time Fortnite introduced a few different types of transportation all at once. It will be interesting to see how it will change the dynamics of the game and what crazy tricks players will be able to do with these.