With February 15 quickly approaching, Ubisoft has released even more details about the upcoming Far Cry New Dawn game. Last week Jean-Sebastien Decant, the creative director of the game hosted a Q&A session on Twitter in which he revealed some cool details.

According to him, Far Cry New Dawn is a game with ‘light RPG approach’. While the game will follow Far Cry 5 story jumping 17 years into the future and will stay true to the previous Far Cry games, there are some differences. For example, players will be able to craft guns with ranks, which makes Far Cry New Dawn seem like an old-school dungeon crawler.

Players will also be able to upgrade their hub. The new system will let you conquer outposts in the open world and ‘squeeze them’ for various resources. It has been stated that different outposts will pose challenges with varying difficulty and provide different resources for your main hub.

It will be interesting to see how Far Cry New Dawn will hold up during a very crowded February release window, but for now, it looks like the game which we will be able to play for months. The game will be released on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.