Here’s a surprise – D3 Publisher has revealed that their latest entry into Earth Defense Force series Earth Defense Force 5 will be coming to PC this week. According to the news the game will launch on July 11th and will be available on Steam.

If you haven’t heard about Earth Defense Force previously, all you need to know is that it’s incredibly fun and goofy sci-fi series that will pit players against an army of bugs. However, ants, spiders, and other giant critters are not the only bugs featured in the game. Earth Defense Force series is known to have many glitches, but all of this is part of the fun.

The fifth game in the series departs from the continuity established by Earth Defense Force 2017 and Earth Defense Force 4.1, and is set in a new continuity where the Earth Defense Force is a private military corporation and sees action for the first time in the year 2022. The game features four distinct classes, a lot of different weapons and vehicles which enables dynamic gameplay across different game modes.

Earth Defense Force 5 was released on PlayStation 4 in December 2017. While it wasn’t everyone’s favorite title, Earth Defense Force 5 was praised by critics for its great action. So, if you’re looking for a fun game and don’t mind bugs, be sure to check it out.