Yesterday was a big day for EA. For the very first time in its history, EA decided to utilize multiple storefronts in order to sell their games and launched over 70 games on Steam. For years these games were only playable via EA’s Origin launcher, but times change…

In the list of games that are coming to Steam there are quite a lot of famous titles – Dragon Age series, Crysis, a few Need for Speed titles, Unravel, Plants vs Zombies, Battlefield V, Battlefield 1 and more… From what we gather, EA prioritized games that have a huge online appeal, but a few hot games are still missing – FIFA 20, Apex Legends, and The Sims 4 with its latest expansion. However, Electronic Arts stated that many more games will come in the future, and with the EA Play event scheduled for June 18, that future can come rather soon.

One thing worth noting is that you won’t be able to transfer your Origin collection to Steam, so in order to have all of your games in one library, you will have to re-purchase them on Steam. At least for the time being.

In addition to all of this, we should touch on EA Access. This is a subscription service that allows users to play EA games for a monthly fee. It seems like Valve’s Steam will also become a part of the EA Access value proposition offering subscribers certain benefits on Steam – early access to games, free trials, discounts, and more. We hope to learn more about it and how will it all work in the upcoming EA Play conference. It will begin in just 6 days.