Fans who were waiting for the next DiRT game will have to be patient. Yesterday, the developers of the game announced that the highly anticipated DiRT 5 launch will be pushed back a month and will release on November 6th instead of coming out in October as previously promised.

The news was announced via a new Twitter message. While the team didn’t reveal any details about why the game was delayed, they thanked all the fans for their positive feedback. Here’s the full message:

We can speculate that DiRT 5 is nearing its completion but the publisher might think that it would be smarter to launch this new game a bit closer to the next-gen console’s launch. November 6th seems like a good day since the new leaks suggest that this will be a week prior to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S launch. Codemasters anticipate that next-generation consoles might play a major role in the game’s success and that’s why they decided to wait an additional month. Again… we’re just speculating.

In any case, this won’t be a long time considering that we still have a global pandemic going on. Moreover, Codemasters said that we will be getting some new details about new DiRT 5 features in the coming month, so if you’re interested be sure to keep an eye out for these.

DiRT 5 will be released for PC, Google Stadia, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. If by some chance you’ll get tired of waiting and decide to purchase the game for your current console, DiRT 5 will serve an option to upgrade your game to a next-gen version for free.

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