If you haven’t figured it out, we love video games! But our love doesn’t end with only playing them. We wanna know details, fun facts, and what impact games had on people and the world itself! There are plenty of crazy and hard-to-believe facts about our beloved pastime activity you might not have known.

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Everyone’s a gamer. Almost

Remember when gaming was considered a niche and gamers were made fun of, called man-babies, or basement dwellers? Well, who’s laughing now? There are almost 3 billion people who love and play video games! Considering that the total population of the world is nearly 8 billion, and if we removed infants and the elderly from this equation (we’re not saying the elderly don’t game, *khemSkyrimGrandmakhem*, that’s almost half the planet. That’s crazy!

Skyrim Grandma

If we’ve already mentioned the Skyrim Grandma, let’s give her a little spotlight. Shirley Curry, 86 years young, also known as the Skyrim Grandma is a YouTuber and gamer who enjoys playing and streaming, well you’ve guessed it – Skyrim! She’s even set to appear in The Elder Scrolls 6 as an NPC.

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Run, Mario, Run!

You know who Mario is and you’ve most likely heard about or even seen his live-action movie. No, not the new one with Chris Pratt, but the old weird and quirky one. Did you know that Tom Hanks campaigned to star in it? Sadly, at the time the filmmakers were afraid that Tom wouldn’t have enough star and box office power to carry the movie. We aren’t the only ones curious how that would have turned out, are we?

Tetris in Space

What do you do in space in your free time? Play Tetris, of course! In 1993, Russian cosmonaut Aleksandr Serebrov became the first person to play a videogame in space when he took his Game Boy to the MIR Space Station.

Gotta shoot ‘em all!

According to the game’s marketing, there are 87 bazillion guns in Borderlands 2. In truth, there are only over 17 million. Disappointing, yes! But jokes aside, that still is an impressive number! Playing Borderlands, it was always about that next piece of loot. No wonder the series has that unexplainable draw to it. Well, did you shoot all of the 17,750,000 weapons? It’s never too late.

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Trolled Souls

Every item in video games has its purpose, right? Well… Not necessarily. When creating a character in Dark Souls, you may start the game with additional items, one of them being a pendant. But what bonuses does it add? None, actually. Knowing the players love to get to the bottom of things, the developers at FromSoftware decided to troll the players by adding an item that has no real purpose.

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