Capitalizing on the popular Monster Hunter formula the latest game from Pheonix Labs is proving to be very popular among the fans. Dauntless officially released just a week ago, and the developer can already brag about reaching the 6 million player milestone.

Dauntless was released on May 21st for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Since the game features a very successful cross-platform play, it’s no surprise that the sum reported by Pheonix Labs comes from combining the numbers throughout all platforms.

According to the developer, almost 60 percent of parties formed in-game include PC and console players working together. It’s also worth noting that prior to the official release, Dauntless spent almost a year in an open beta which helped to form the core community.

This kind of success earned in just a week shows the potential of cross-platform games. While Dauntless certainly can be considered a good game, in our wildest dreams we would’ve never imagined that co-op hunts might accumulate to 6 million players in just a single week.

Furthermore, the game community keeps on growing – Twitch viewership count is steadily increasing which means the game is getting even more exposure. Naturally, Dauntless being free gets players curious to, at least, try the game out.

Pheonix Labs also noted that the team is already hard at work on additional content for Dauntless. The PC version of the game can be downloaded via Epic Games launcher.