If you’re a huge Darksiders series fan, you might be missing something in the latest Darksiders III. Abyssal Armor is an iconic feature of the series, representing the strongest armor in the game which can be earned only by the most dedicated players. Darksiders III’s Fury will soon join Death and War, as the new game DLC will bring the long-awaited armor set to the game.

The new DLC is called Keepers of the Void which will focus on expanding the game’s gameplay through a bunch of new items. Keepers of the Void will task Fury to explore a repository of items kept by Darksiders’ Vulgrim. The DLC’s description reads: 

“It is known that Vulgrim fulfills his profession as The Demon Merchant very well: He has a promising repertory of various items of dubious and mysterious origin if you can deliver him enough souls on exchange. This time, the rewards are tremendous and so is the price! Fight an ancient threat and deploy your Hollow skills to solve puzzles and defeat enemies for new weapons as well as one legendary reward: The Abyssal Armor.”

However, if you’re expecting a lot of new stories, you might be disappointed. Darksiders III Keepers of the Void is out now. Check out our price for the original game.