Last week, the official Crysis game Twitter page woke up from a very long hibernation. For the first time in four years, the account released a cryptic Tweet which looked like this:

Naturally. fans of the game went insane and started speculating what could it all mean. Theories varied from a new game in the series to an old game re-release with enhanced visuals. Turns out the latter was true. Crytek is currently working with an original game remaster which will be called, well… Crysis Remastered.

Having in mind that the original game was released back in 2007, it aged quite a bit, even with some of us still remembering it as one of the best looking games of the past. According to Crytek, the game remaster will get a significant visual overhaul and will be released on multiple platforms including Nintendo Switch. Rad!

For now, Crysis Remaster still doesn’t have any official date but we can expect it to come sometime after the ongoing coronavirus pandemic wears off. If you’re interested to check out the older Crysis games, be sure to hop on our page and check out our awesome prices.