One of the biggest pleasant surprises of the year was Celeste – an indie game developed by Matt Thorson and Noel Berry. Celeste is a platform game in which players control a girl named Madeline as she makes her way up the mountain while avoiding various deadly obstacles. Recently this indie hit completed its first milestone reaching more than 500,000 players. To celebrate the success the game will receive a bunch of new levels in 2019.

The news was announced on Twitter alongside actual sales figures. Matt Thorson thanked every player and announced “some farewell Celeste levels”, which will be “very hard”. New levels will be available to download for free to anyone who purchased the game in 2018.

Earlier this year, the game developer also announced that physical copy of the game will hit the stores on January which might also boost sales figures by some margin. The Tweet also mentions some other yet undisclosed news for the upcoming year.

Having in mind that Celeste recently won game awards for the Best Indie and Games for Impact, 2019 might be a big year for the developers. Who knows, maybe fans of the game might even get Celeste 2. Our fingers are crossed.

Celeste is currently released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.