The latest installment in Call of Duty franchise is going strong. Just recently, the developers of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare announced yet another update that brings a couple of new things to the game. One notable addition is the new Tournament mode for Gunfight battles which is now live on the game’s beta servers.

The new Gunfight Tournament is exactly what it sounds like. The new mode allows players to join special tournament lobbies together with a friend and participate in a bracket-style tourney for a chance to win in-game prizes such as cosmetic rewards and additional XP. Gunfight Tournament will feature 16 Gunfight teams (32 players) participating in a single-elimination bracket until one team is crowned champions.

However, this new mode will have a couple of downsides. Since it’s a bracket-style tournament, some teams might need to wait for others to complete their matches in order to progress through the bracket, so be sure you have at least a couple of hours before deciding to join since there could be a lot of waiting between matches.

The developer of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare also stated that the new Gunfight Tournament mode is currently available for a limited time (until the testing is over), so be sure to hurry up and queue up before the time is up. Infinity Ward might have plans to make this mode permanent in the future and even make it into an official Call of Duty esports competition as time goes on. Who knows, it might even become the first-ever esports discipline that features cross-play functionality.

In case you didn’t know about 2v2 Gunfight mode, we’ve already written a blog post about it so be sure to check that one out. Activision’s blog also released a new post giving some tips for newcomers to the Gunfight.