Another day, another gaming season and we are all waiting – much like wide-eyed children do – for the release of the newest shooter looter video game, Borderlands 3. Due to the unbelievable hype (well earned, though!), there have been quite a few rumors floating around. Some turned out to be true, others not so much, but one thing is clear: Borderlands game is almost upon us and we are here to shed some light on the upcoming title, particularly on Borderlands 3 classes.

Characters along with their respective classes definitely deserve praise. Most would certainly agree that these Gearbox creations should be given their proper spotlight. The newest vault hunters are a funny bunch, with FL4K – the robotic hunter who cuddles fierce beasts, Amara – the Siren who can punch you to the next week, Moze – the girl who’s mecha BFF is also BFG, and Zane – the white sheep among the Flynt brothers. This article will attempt to further familiarize you with who is waiting at the character select screen.

It is almost a tradition for Borderlands to launch their game with 4 characters. Borderlands 3 classes are no exception. The thing that should be mentioned about these classes is that Borderlands discard the traditional system that you might find in many RPGs; here, you will not be able to make a character into something they are not. Class and character combinations have borders and preset forms, but the gameplay is still customizable plenty. Each Vault hunter has its own skills (not to mention weapons!) and this article will cover all four protagonists in Borderlands 3. Classes, skills, and havoc included!

  • Robot hunter FL4K
  • Industrious Moze
  • Elusive Zane
  • Brawler Amara

FL4K – the robot hunter tamer

The first on the list is FL4K who is a robot (no, not like Claptrap, let’s not get too crazy here), and his specialty is pets. Hey, it’s Borderlands, these things happen. But we are not talking about cats and dogs, these companions are a far bigger threat. And with FL4K by their side, the entire team-up is a force to be reckoned with! FL4K possesses the ability to turn invisible for a set amount of time, placing him on the stealth side of Borderlands 3 classes, but this is nothing compared to the carnage he can create with the help of his beasts. Anything from movement speed to increased damage, health regeneration, and even aerial assaults – this robot hunter has it all!  

Don’t feel scared yet? Think the enemy might stay safe by zoning these beasts with amazing shooting skills? No such luck! FL4K can teleport his companions right to the enemy location, biting where it hurts, as well as leaving behind a lustrous and glossy cloud of trace radiation as a cherry on the proverbial cake. Compared to other Borderlands 3 classes, there’s just something immensely satisfying about imagining the fear enemy feels while watching a bulky robot charging at them accompanied by multiple ferocious beasts. Mr. FL4K will surely bring joy to those who seek to experience the real taste of thrill and… love pets!

Moze – the industrious, explosive gunner

Moving on we reach Moze! Like playing your games as the one-man army? Still have the toy-robot from your childhood? Do you think that machines are better than most people? Want to combine it all with some ass-kicking action? Well, we have some good news for you! She’s big, she’s bad, and she’s destructive. Among the newest Borderlands 3 classes, Moze takes the gunners role. She is formidable all on her own, but her true power comes in a form of giant mech called Iron Bear. While it might not look like the carnivorous animal (despite the name), it still is one of the most dangerous beings around, especially in synergy with Moze.

The weaponry that Iron Bear utilizes will change depending on which action skill Moze equips – there are two variants, either different or duplicate skills. For the biggest possible bang, the mech is taken under direct control by Moze herself; out of all Borderlands 3 classes, she’s definitely the most passionate, or rather, explosive!  The character can either fire grenades at the enemies, provide the continuous fire with Minigun or send electrified projectiles to wipe swarms of enemies right off the face of the earth. As we’ve already noted, you can mix and match these skills to bring the levels of pain to new, unique and terrifying (for the enemy, of course) heights.

Zane – the sneaky, elusive operative

Or perhaps you prefer to have a more sophisticated approach to your play. Should your playstyle lean towards disruption of enemy forces while, in a sense, being nowhere and everywhere at once, Borderlands presents a perfect character, just for you! Zane is the third playable character in the magnificent roster of Borderlands 3. Classes vary greatly here, and Zane represents an Operative. As the title might suggest, Zane does not have an unbreakable robot or handy companions, and thus, he can rely only on himself or the Digi-clone… this precise replica can provide cover fire, get Zane out of danger by swapping places, and more.

And speaking of cover fire, one of his action skills is the ability to summon a drone. This friendly little war device is more than happy to rain down a storm of bullets on any of the enemies in the vicinity, giving Zane some room to… well, operate. But the last utility skill which truly sets him apart from the other Borderlands 3 classes & characters is a shield that blocks enemy fire while also increases the damage of the friendly players who shoot through it. Basically, this skill protects you and also hurts the opponent – can you even think of a better skill set for those who want to play smart, safe, and sneaky?!

Amara – eighth-handed brawler

Finally, we have Amara, the Siren. As is usual with the elusive group of elite females, Amara is meant to wreak havoc in the most straight-forward way possible. And so, in the game that boasts having an endless supply of astonishing weapons, we also get a brawler. This character has a truly unique approach to it. Borderlands 3 classes tend to use weapons, with Amara, the player must face the foes real close and personal. Slamming fists and using her power create a real brawl nightmare to anyone nearby. Most of her skills revolve around her ethereal hands and the power behind them. Amara can suspend enemies in place, toss them into the air and overall, put them in a state of complete helplessness.

Her last skill is to send a projection of herself that runs over anyone in her path. This character is meant for those who like to take risks, for those that have these uncontrollable urges to look the enemy right in the eye and stomp them to the curb. Out of all Borderlands 3 classes, Amara is perhaps the flashiest and most brutal, yes… the explosives, bears, and drones are cool and all, but when a six-armed monster is coming to a brawl there’s little room for discussion. So, if you think you’re the type to face faces in a face to face combat, much like the berserker class for those who loved Brick, Amara is the right pick for you!

Play in a way that feels right

The newest Borderlands 3 release is said to bring multiple new ways to create a level of freedom – by exploration and battling accompanied by any weapon you can imagine! The same goes for Borderlands 3 classes. Pick the one that fits your personality, excel in the workings of the preferred heroes and just have extreme fun! That’s the true goal of Borderlands! And Borderlands 3 can certainly offer something for everyone. You can be constantly surrounded by trusted companions, or dance around the battlefield by disrupting the enemy; crush the opponents with your bare ethereal fists or drown them in bullets from the safety of a sturdy mech.

September cannot come soon enough! Mark it in your calendar and schedule your life around it – September 13th is the holiday for all the gamers who enjoy the Borderlands series. And the latest installment is bigger and better than ever before: you get to travel outside of Pandora, try out fantastic Borderlands 3 classes, meet and engage with the old and beloved returning faces, customize your weapons till their pain falls off and then do it all over again! Do not limit your enjoyment, since Borderlands surely won’t! And best of all, we have a great deal, just for you – your personal Vault treasure – if you will. Check it out.