While Overwatch is primary a multiplayer game it still has a rich, worth-telling story. Throughout the years, Blizzard has released a whole lot of cinematics, comics, and even some in-game events. Yesterday, the universe of Overwatch received a new lore extension with a new short story featuring the newest hero in Overwatch, Baptiste.

The new 26-page-long PDF document is titled “What You Left Behind” and features a lot of colorful imagery. The piece tells a tale about Baptiste returning to his homeland in Haiti in order to help his community. However, before long, Talon catches up with him.

The author of the story is Alyssa Wong which is known for her masterful wordcraft. Alyssa Wong’s stories have won the Nebula Award, the World Fantasy Award, and the Locus Award. Now she’s a full-time Blizzard employee. “What You Left Behind” also features an amazing art created by Arnold Tsang.

The last Blizzard’s released short story was titled Beset, in it, sniper Ana was the key focus. Right after the short story was released, Ana received a new skin to represent the story. Baptiste will get similar treatment soon enough. Blizzard has already announced Baptiste Reunion Challenge which will come to the game with a new patch. More details below: