The strategy has come a long way from what it was back in the day to what it is in the current age. None could argue that strategy has played a major part in literally every era of mankind’s development, and its importance nowadays is not the least bit less trivial. The strategy is applicable in a vast array of life’s spheres, whether its business strategy, political campaign strategy, warfare strategy, or one of the most modern niche topics: best strategy games. The gaming industry is a fairly young sphere in every sense, however, having in mind its capabilities, strategy has soon found a place of comfort in it!

The best strategy games are most usually split into two strategy-defining categories, that is turn-based strategy games and real-time strategy games. However, this fact doesn’t necessarily mean that there can’t be any games that include both categories or quite the opposite includes just a tiny fragment of either one and mix it up with something entirely different! So, in order to understand strategy games far better, let’s look at both turn-based, and real-time strategy offered features.

Turn-based strategy

The very best strategy games (turn-based) are usually those that offer players plenty of time to think through their options, as each player has its own turn to administer actions, as well as the ‘waiting turn’ to plan out his further moves and responses. This format of turn-based strategy games is in a sense like a double-edged sword, as sometimes these games take excruciating amounts of time to finish, and while at the very start some of the decisions made can be considered as of no importance, the longer the game takes, the more weight does each decision carry.

Real-time strategy

The very best strategy games (real-time) are all about management, quick-pace, fast reaction to the surrounding events, and the ability to make the very sharpest decision during every single in-game moment. Not only that there is no time to stop and consider, but every mistake made can have a tremendous impact on the following progression. That’s why shortly after the best strategy games have risen to fame, a pause feature was invented as if the action would become too overwhelming, a player could pause and breathe, even if for a second.

Today we present you with a list of best strategy games to play right here, right now! Some of these games have withstood the trials of time, the trending shifts in the gaming market, the varying player demand changes, and many other events that have buried quite a few other titles over the years. The sole thing we ask you to understand is that this list is solely based on our humble opinion, and there are tens if not hundreds of awesome strategy games out there, however, we recommend those, that we ourselves, as well as hundreds of thousands of players around the world, enjoy up until this very day.


Our list of best strategy games starts with BattleTech! This turn-based wonder developed by Harebrained Schemes and published by Paradox Interactive in 24. April 2018 fuses various forms of strategy and tactics! Not only are you responsible for handling a very complex character campaign progression system, but you must also make incredible turn-based warfare decisions that require you to consider terrain, positioning, weapon selection, and a whole bunch of special mech abilities during your combat! This sci-fi mech-oriented piece captivates with its challenging environments and a whole universe set as your playground. It’s a definitive must in your video library!

Total War: Warhammer 2

When it comes to the best strategy games around, Total War: Warhammer 2 is an instant contender no matter how short the list is. And this real-time grand strategy title developed by Creative Assembley and published by SEGA back in 28, September 2017, has definitely earned its place among the best strategy games. This fantasy piece is set in a universe so vast and profound that sometimes it becomes hard to believe that it’s all just fiction. The base game offers four factions, and all of them are tons of fun to play through, however, the real fun starts once you get into the DLC’s realm. Expand your experience times infinity! And the best thing is, that most of the DLC come free of charge!

Sid Meier, anyone?

Is it even possible to make a list of best strategy games without including Civilization series? Some could argue, we don’t. Civilization franchise is here, and without a doubt, the game series has been one of the most impactful and meaningful to the whole strategy genre. Firaxis Games continue to dazzle and wonder fans of the franchise, and currently, their Civilization VI is at the top of the best strategy games mountain. The game’s presentation is gorgeous, and the gameplay is precise, mechanical, informative, and captivating! While the cartoony part might take a little time to adjust to, once the strategy manoeuvres roll into the picture, no further questions arise. Try it once, and you’ll play it until the end of days.


It’s a one of a kind space odyssey. The best strategy games are often those that, like a fine wine, only get better with time and with Stellaris, it’s precisely the case! Developed by Paradox Development Studio and published by Paradox Interactive on 9 May 2019, Stellaris offers the 4X grand strategy experience set in the limitless space environment. At its very core, the game is about space-exploration, thus, the more you explore, the more are you rewarded for it. However, your explorations are oriented to achieve one specific goal in particular — create the most fearsome and powerful space empire known throughout the endless galaxies and far beyond! Quite the goal isn’t it?

Best strategy games without Starcraft II?

Not today! Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment back in 2010, July 27, can still easily be considered as more than worthy amongst the selected few mentioned here. This real-time strategy piece has captivated millions of players for nearly a decade now! The game is also a major powerhouse in the eSports scene, and we are not even starting the discussion about it when it comes to the South Korean gaming scene’s approach to the best strategy games. The familiar RTS formula is present at every stage of the game and the game’s learning curve goes far beyond mortal comprehension. However, once you feel comfortable with the game, it’s an experience rewarding unlike anything else.