With the arrival of the holiday season, many of us might once again find ourselves in the repetitive annual struggle – deciding what presents should we get for our family and friends. It can be especially hard to choose if you hardly know anything about the true interests and needs of a person. Then again, the mere fact that you are reading this blog entry might indicate that you are a gamer or at least happen to know somebody who is. In that case, the following list of best Christmas gift ideas for gamers should have you covered.

Cyberpunk 2077

Considering the fact that Cyberpunk 2077 is probably the most hyped and ambitious upcoming video game of 2020, preordering this title as a Christmas present for a passionate gamer will hardly be a wrong move. The latest game from the creators of the critically acclaimed Witcher series – CD Project Red – is the most likely candidate for Game of the Year title in 2020. The massive upcoming RPG will feature a staggering amount of freedom in a dystopian but also stylish and detailed cyberpunk future. The fact that the player is going to be accompanied by Keanu Reeves, throughout the stay in the Night City, automatically puts Cyberpunk 2077 among the best Christmas gift ideas for gamers.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

If you want your gamer friend or family member to enjoy a massive scale RPG without waiting for the next year, then Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an excellent choice as a Christmas present. Even though this fantasy RPG is 8 years old, it has been tested by time and until this day is vastly supported by a creative modding community. The title features an epic fantasy story, massive DLC expansions, hundreds of hours of content that includes unique side-quests, and on top of that, you can mod the game’s looks into something that would release only in 2030.


Another great long-standing title – when it comes to the best Christmas gift ideas for gamers – is, without a doubt, Minecraft. Unlike the previously mentioned games, Minecraft is perfectly suitable for gamers of all ages, therefore purchasing this title as a present for children is a great choice if you want to provide the younger generation with something truly exciting, high-quality and engaging. Additionally, there’s no fear of receiving mean smirks from their parents. Creativity is one of the most important qualities that needs constant development, and this blocky survival sandbox can serve as the ultimate digital alternative to a Lego set.

Fortnite Skins

These days, Fortnite is also very popular among the youngest of the gamer audiences. While the base game is free to play, one of the best Christmas gift ideas for gamers are bundles of neat Fortnite cosmetic skins. As a cartoony battle-royal which also features building mechanics akin to Minecraft, Fortnite is loved by kids and they will feel very happy getting purchasable in-game content that they can’t get by themselves – without asking parents. Christmas gift ideas for gamers in our store contains a large selection of Fortnite skins, weapons, gear and V-Bucks suitable for various platforms, including PlayStation 4.

Mortal Kombat 11

For many people, Christmas is about coming together and one of the best ways to meet this aim as a gamer is to have a co-op fighting game contest! That‘s why Mortal Kombat 11 is one of the best Christmas gift ideas for gamers. Imagine yourself laughing together with your family and friends on Christmas morning with the Christmas tree lights blinking in the background. Over the top, ridiculous violence of Mortal Kombat along with its wide selection of characters and a co-op mode can strangely bring a lot of Christmas spirit to any respective household. This is a gift you‘ll be able to enjoy together with its receiver and that‘s what makes it truly special.


You can‘t go wrong by picking an installment from the immortal open-world game series that is Grand Theft Auto and for this reason, it must be included as one of the possible Christmas gift ideas for gamers. The most recent iteration in the series – GTA V – has an elaborate and constantly updated multiplayer mode that will most definitely see Christmas-themed events. At this point, there is a high chance that a possible receiver of your gifts already owns a copy of GTA V and roams the streets of Los Santos. In that case, you can still give them a Shark card that will increase the amount of in-game currency and drastically expand their possibilities.  

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

The DLC expansion of Capcom‘s adventurous action RPG presents a snowy new setting, making it into an outstandingly fitting gift for the holiday theme. For this reason, Monster Hunter World: Iceborn should be among your main list of Christmas gift ideas for gamers. The expansion offers almost as much content as the base game. Just like the original, Monster Hunter World: Iceborn has the player hunting a large variety of mythological creatures with fantastic designs. Monster remains can be converted into new gear through crafting which in turn is used to hunt more monsters! This addictive gameplay loop returns in Iceborn DLC along with a holiday-themed twist! 

Dark Souls III

If you want a memorable gift that would truly stand out and leave a lasting impression, then the third installment in the infamous Dark Souls series is a perfectly fitting choice, as this title is definitely among the best Christmas gift ideas for gamers. Be warned, as the reason why this action RPG is so memorable is the absolutely punishing difficulty. Dark Souls III pushes the player to the edge and makes every victory truly count. After all, these glorious feats are achieved through the grueling process of trial and error. It‘s a hard but rewarding game, aiming at those who seek true challenge!


On a lighter note, it‘s worth considering that not all gamers are into grueling fantasy bloodbaths. Some video game enthusiasts are very much into sports. For this reason, a game like FIFA 20 (or FUT Points) can be considered as one of the most fitting Christmas gift ideas for gamers. This football game offers a large amount of content both in single-player and multiplayer modes. The possibility to create a custom-made football player and become an undisputed champion is there. On the other hand, one can choose to manage a club and establish an entire empire of footballers!


Released by Blizzard in 2016, Overwatch could arguably be considered the most popular online-only first-person shooter currently available on the market. This squad-based multiplayer FPS is infamous not only for its addictive gameplay but also for its creative cartoon-inspired art-style. Overwatch offers 31 unique characters to choose from mid-battle, each of whom can be customized with stylish skins that should definitely be among your Christmas gift ideas for gamers, especially if you know a person who plays this awesome game.

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