When it comes to war shooting games, two massive franchises come to mind first. Of course, what else than Call of Duty and Battlefield. The two franchises are basically synonyms of the war game genre however, one question constantly remains in the talks – which game is superior?

There are multiple factors when it comes to determining the winner in Battlefield vs. Call of Duty, the war of gaming giants. The longevity of the franchise, critical acclaim, recent releases, and reputation within the gaming community all play a large role here. Let’s have a look and try to answer the decade-old question with as little bias as possible!


When it comes to comparing the time that each franchise has spent in the public eye, there is very little between the two. Both have released their first games in the early 2000’s, although the Battlefield series has managed to just slightly edge out its competitor in the Battlefield vs. Call of Duty debate, since Battlefield 1942 was released in 2002, a year before the first Call of Duty title.

It is really close when it comes to the number of releases within a franchise as well, although Call of Duty takes the cake here, albeit very slightly. With a number of original releases by both franchises already being in the teens, the difference is really insignificant and, maybe unfortunately, does absolutely nothing to solve the aching question that is also the driving force behind this article.

Critical Acclaim

Both franchises took off running like an Olympic sprinter with their first releases, both of which have garnered great Metacritic scores and starting the Battlefield vs. Call of Duty comparisons with an explosive boom. Not only were they loved by critics, but also by the gamers and have since become legendary in the world of gaming!

Both have had massive successes and busts since, going toe to toe and maintaining a healthy competitive spirit within the genre of war shooting games. If one was to look at Metacritic scores among both franchises throughout the years, Call of Duty seems to very slightly have the upper hand in the debate. However, the difference is not big enough to be enough evidence for either game to be named as better in the Battlefield vs. Call of Duty comparison. Especially when neither franchise has managed to have a steady hold over the ratings and the war for superiority has been kind to both of them within different releases. In other words, some Battlefield releases have had better reviews than Call of Duty titles released during the same year. Once again, this means that neither game really has the edge here.

Gaming Communities

Neither one of the games has released official concurrent player numbers, therefore it takes a little bit of investigation to get an idea of which game has a bigger following. Unlike other categories so far, this part of Battlefield vs. Call of Duty comparison does not seem to be close. It only takes a brief look at the number of followers for each game in the highly-popular Twitch.tv platform to understand that Call of Duty has a far bigger follower base than Battlefield. Both Battlefield V and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 have been released in 2018, however, the EA Dice game has less than a million followers on Twitch, while Black Ops 4 is followed by more than 6 million people.

Since the difference is so vast, there is no questioning the fact that when it comes to community size in the Battlefield vs. Call of Duty debate, the latter definitely has the upper hand! This does not necessarily have to be indicative of the quality of the games. However, it is evident that for one reason or another, one franchise has managed to get significantly more mainstream attention.

Battlefield vs. Call of Duty Comparison

There is no reason to hate on either one of the franchises as both of them have brought us some amazing games throughout the years. The truth is, that even though both games are in the same genre, the things that they have to offer are different. Therefore, instead of trying to figure out which one is better when it comes to Battlefield vs. Call of Duty, let’s take a moment to look at the biggest strengths for each franchise!

Battlefield – Vehicles, Maps, and Strategy

Vehicles, maps, and slower-paced, strategical combat have always been the strong point in the Battlefield franchise. If you like to drive cars, jeeps, tanks, even fly war planes and control war ships, your best bet is going for Battlefield. The same goes for large, open maps, especially within the multiplayer games. Such maps, along with a system of various tools and abilities, allow for immersing tactical combat, which quite a few players seem to prefer. These qualities are a large part of the reason why the Battlefield vs. Call of Duty debate even exists!

Call of Duty – Quick Action, Guns, and Zombies

This is as straight forward as it seems. The Call of Duty franchise has favored fast-paced action throughout the years, achieving it with close-corner battles in smaller maps. The action is made even more fun with the vast selection of guns and weaponry that can be found in Call of Duty games. To top that off, you’re even allowed to customize the weapons, making each of them unique to the player. Quite a few Call of Duty games have also had a Zombie mode, which isn’t there in the Battlefield games. Therefore, when it comes to Battlefield vs. Call of Duty, choose the latter if you want fast action, more guns, and zombies!

There you have it! There is no reason for fans of the two gaming communities to go to war! Both of the games have some amazing intrinsic, unique qualities! If you really want to pick a winner between the two amazing franchises, do so for yourself, as both of them are unique and are usually favored by players seeking different types of entertainment!