Google Stadia started something in the gaming industry and it’s beginning to show. Yesterday, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced a new subscription service for gamers called Apple Arcade. As described by the company representatives, it’s a collection of the best exclusive games compatible with Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

According to the announcement, Apple Arcade will be a subscription-based service which will allow players to access well over 100 new and exclusive games which won’t be available on any other platform. Users of the service will be able to download as many games as they like while all the games will be playable offline. Furthermore, Apple Arcade will also include Family sharing option at no additional cost.

Unlike Google Stadia, Apple also revealed a bunch of studios developing games for the Apple Arcade. The list includes well-known names such as Skybound, Disney, Sega, Lego, Konami, Platinum Games, Versus Evil, Gameloft, and many more. You can check out the video featuring some of the creators below, or visit the Apple Arcade website to get acquainted with everything revealed so far.

Apple Arcade is set to launch this fall. The pricing of the new service is yet to be detailed.