Apex Legends has been growing rapidly with each consecutive season without any signs of slowing down. Yesterday, the developers from Respawn announced that the game finally surpassed 100 million players – just in time for Season 9 – and shared some hints about the upcoming new character and some kind of new location

Did you manage to catch these teasers? Keen-eyed players managed to catch a glimpse of something that looks like a new location in the Kings Canyon. It’s only a glimpse but it sure looks dope. Additionally, we managed to glimpse a figure flying in the distance as Mirage says “somebody got the party started”. This led to fan speculation that the next character will have some sort of ability that will allow him to fly or glide…

Currently, we have no details about the teasers, but it’s fairly safe to assume that Respawn will be willing to celebrate the 100 million players milestone with a bang. The developers already announced that Season 9 will feature some sort of crossover with Titanfall (a series of games Respawn Entertainment developed prior to Apex Legends), but there’s not much to go on. We hope to learn more in the coming weeks as Season 9 is scheduled to begin on the 4th of May.

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