One week has passed since Respawn Entertainment surprised everyone with their Apex Legends announcement. The game became an instant hit, topping Twitch directory viewership counts and gathering players at staggering rates. All of this fuss attracted a really massive player base, which according to CEO of Respawn Entertainment, Vince Zampella, now has more than 25 million players.

Furthermore, Vince Zampella also shared the number of concurrent players, which crossed the 2-million milestone over the weekend. And that’s only the very beginning. To put these numbers into perspective, during their beginnings, Fortnite and PUBG had around 3 million concurrent players as their all-time highs, only reaching these figures when some sort of in-game event took place. Having in mind that Apex Legends is only a week in, we can definitively state that Respawn’s creation is off to a super start.

However, we all should take the early Apex Legends success with a grain of salt, because these figures might only be due to the launch and wear off as the time goes on. For now, the game doesn’t have that much content to keep players busy for years to come, but Respawn Entertainment is already hard at work to keep their massive player base satisfied.

This week Respawn Entertainment is organizing a tournament on Twitch and giving away a special Valentine’s Day in-game loot. Additionally, the first Battle Pass for the first season is coming to Apex Legends on March. The developer also pledged to bring cross-platform play in the near future along with other cool content updates like new Legends to choose from, cosmetics and so on.

There’s one more cool detail regarding the new battle royale contender. As you might already know, Apex Legends is set in the Titanfall universe and follows the conclusion of the latest game in the series. Most of the players who have already tried and loved Apex Legends also got interested in trying an older game, thus Titanfall 2’s numbers got a significant jump over the weekend. According to the news, Titanfall 2’s concurrent player numbers have increased by double figures.

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