Well, that was unexpected… Among Us is already breaking all known gaming records and enjoys an insane amount of players playing the game simultaneously. According to a recent announcement by Innersloth, Among Us surpassed 100 million downloads and has over 3,8 million concurrent players. Not bad, huh?

However, it’s important to note that this number includes not just PC players but mobile gamers as well. In case you didn’t know, Among Us is free-to-play on mobile, so the majority of players never bought the game.

If during recent months you lived under a rock, you should know that Among Us numbers skyrocketed through charts recently, when the game was picked up by a few famous streamers such as Sodapoppin, xQc, Lirik, and many more.

Originally, Among Us was released back in 2018 and didn’t have a huge following at first. The developers were thinking about making a sequel for the game but decided against it as soon as the first game started climbing the charts. We wrote a piece about this last week.

If you never tried the game, we suggest you check it out. As mentioned earlier, the game is free on mobile and costs just a few bucks if you prefer playing it on your PC. Trust us, it’s amazing and definitely worth it.