The gaming industry is a truly magnificent place. In it, video games of all scale, size, genre, topic, and quality have found a place of comfort. Alien-themed games without a question also have their respected position amongst the vast majority of others. After all, aliens have been one of the very first pioneers that managed to crawl their way into the digital realm, remember Space Invaders?

With time passing by, much has changed, however, alien appearances in games haven’t decreased even by a longshot. Actually, it’s the other way around! Currently, alien games are atop of the popularity mountain and it doesn’t look like they would want to climb down any time soon. Unlike the zombie games, which do have their respected position, but with decades upon decades of appearances got a bit cliché, alien games just got increasingly more complex, detailed, and innovative.

For such reason, today we have prepared quite a fascinating list. It’s about time to find your tin-foil hat and put it on because this article is going to shoot straight into space and explore some of the meanest extra-terrestrial beings that have been living amongst us for quite a long while. There might actually be a reason to why alien games have such an appeal to us – one day their round space shuttles will land on earth for real and by then, we’ll be expecting, and we’ll be prepared.

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Alien Games – Destiny II

Destiny II is a robust massively online first-person shooter sequel that launched back in 2017. Bungie developer has made quite a few mistakes with their game, however, with consecutive work, four major expansions, and countless smaller fixes and improvements they have made their amendments. Because of their constructive work and dedication to improve, we the players, now have one of the most intense alien shooting experiences throughout all the known cosmos.

This Alien game offers you a journey into the far future setting where humans have finally made a connection with alien species, far from a peaceful one though. As such, what was left of humanity were hiding in the stronghold known as the Last City, unfortunately, even that didn’t withstand the fierce alien invasion, and so the remaining protectors of earth, known as Guardians, were all killed in battle. But here, your alien-blasting journey is just to begin.

Alien Games – X-COM 2

X-COM II is a turn-based strategy game released back in 2016 by Firaxis. It’s another sequel to the famous alien games franchise, and the developer has made a bloody good work by perfecting it to the most scrupulous detail. X-COM 2 is a special piece because it presents an unprecedented storyline that is all about hate and revenge! Humanity’s last line of defence needs to be rebuilt, and of course, the player character is tasked with this mission. Immerse in a personal vendetta against the alien race and experience all that the game offers.

As far as alien games are concerned, this piece has it all. There’s humour, there are detailed and lovable characters, there are some really cool dialogues and we’re not even trying to discuss all the innovative combat mechanics and all the alien species that the sequel brings into play. Control a small squad of elite soldiers and see it for yourself. We have a solid Pro Tip here – provide your characters with the names of the people you hold dear; the experience will get significantly more dramatic!

Alien Games – Mass Effect II

Mass Effect II by BioWare is certainly an alien game worthy of appraisal. This legendary mix of genres captivates with a variety of everything. First, it’s a thrilling third-person shooter, then it’s also a broad RPG sandbox with the open-world like feeling, and all throughout, it’s an adventure that you’ll want to re-repeat again and again once the credits hit the screen. It’s true, the game has a predefined A beginning, and Z ending, however, the journey in-between is full of choices, paths, and outcomes to experience!

The story in this one is nothing but simple. Basically, the humanity has made a connection with numerous alien species that have already known about one another for quite a while, and earthlings in this friendship are like the new kid on the block – it’s quite rough. And on top of that, there are these aliens known as collectors, they want to…. Well…. Collect people! The player character is obligated to stop them. You’ve definitely heard about Commander Shepard in one way or another, and by playing Mass Effect II you’ll get to know the full story.

Alien Games – Alien: Isolation

Ridley Scott’s Alien had the right idea, but James Cameron’s one was the extra-terrestrial beast that conquered the gaming scene. In total, there’re 18 The Alien-themed games, and while there’s definitely a few of the good ones out there, quite a few others cause nothing but sadness. That, however, is far from the case with Alien: Isolation and that’s why this thrilling horror shooter has earned its rightful place in our featured alien games list.

Like we’ve mentioned above, it’s a horror alien game, and what a horror game it is. The tension of being locked alone in a cosmic ship with an intelligent, fast, and vigilant creature is felt through and through – all you want to do is to find an escape. Thankfully, the game’s goal goes hand in hand with your wish. The game is built atop of the events of the Alien movie, and the action takes place barely 15 years later. 2137 is quite a year to visit space, fight off an alien xenomorph and survive. it’s a must try whether you’re the Alien movies fan or not!

Alien Games – No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky has had quite a journey so far. Back in 2016 when Hello Games had just released it, the game suffered great consequences for not meeting the hyped-up user expectations. However, the time went by and the developer didn’t give up on the No Man’s Sky vision. Due to the developer dedication, concern about player feedback, and constructive work (which resulted in TONS of updates, tweaks, & fixes), we now have one of the most immersive alien games of them all!

No Man’s Sky is a near-endless mystery with unlimited procedurally generated cosmos setting. If there’s a star shining far in the horizon, be certain – it’s yours to reach! This hugely-ambitious sci-fi adventure focuses on exploration, crafting, survival & trading. Throughout your journey to uncover the universe’s secrets you’ll meet countless alien life forms, visit an extraordinary amount of never-before-seen planets, and learn the true potential of one’s imaginative power.