It is 2019 already and gaming continues to steadily change, as they always have. With improvements in graphics, gaming engines, sound effects and changes in most popular genres, some other changes get overlooked. A while ago an article debating the best split screen PC games would not have been needed. It was common sense that a game should have some sort of a co-op feature that would allow two players to join in on the fun at the same time. However, the popularity of online multiplayer has taken over, which has led to a decrease in co-op features in new games. No matter how fun and entertaining multiplayer games may be, playing together with your friend on a single console is something that cannot be replicated just by adding a multiplayer feature to a game.

Thankfully, some developers are yet to forget how fun split-screen PC games can be and have created their games with an intent to be played as local co-op rather than online. Although such games may seem to come to few and far between, it is much better than not having access to any of them at all! Deciding which ones are the best is an individual matter, as is the case with all “best of” lists. However, some of them manage to stand out of the bunch for providing the most fun when played alongside a friend! These are some of the best split-screen PC games to ever be released and ones that are worth playing in 2019!


Jump into a pair of wrestling tights and take on an adventure of a lifetime as a legendary Mexican wrestler! Even though it is not a split-screen game it captures everything that a split screen title would. The difference is that you and your co-op partner are working together, therefore, there is no need to split your screens and you can simply follow your character on the same screen as your friend! When there is no competing against one another, the need for split-screen PC games dies down, however, a local co-op feature is the perfect equivalent to that!

Guacamelee! is jam-packed with smash ‘em up action that requires the player to combine attacks and pull off various moves in order to be more effective. The further on into the game you go, the more attacks and combos you unlock! Unlike most games with this type of action, this one is developed with a great sense of humor and even features endless references to popular internet memes! All in all, Guacamelee! is some of the most fun you can have in local co-op ever!

Portal 2 – a split screen PC games classic!

Portal 2 does not get the recognition it deserves among the split-screen PC games! However, the reasoning behind it is fair and simple. The game has such an amazing single-player campaign that all the love and hype is often aimed towards it, putting other, thoroughly amazing features of the game slightly into the shadow.

However, booting up a split-screen game and popping portals with a friend is an incredibly entertaining experience and one that should not ever be overlooked! Top that off with the fact that certain puzzles can only be solved with two players working together and are otherwise impossible to complete and Portal 2 is right up there with the best games of all time, let alone best split-screen PC games! The game is a bit like a gift that keeps on giving and is a game that you can return to even after leaving it to dust for a long time and still have incredible amounts of fun! An all-time great, for sure.

Rocket League

Rocket League is one of the most popular games in the world right now and has been for a while! Having a player base as large as this game means that there will always be competition to face when playing online, which is great fun! However, it is also one of the best split-screen PC games in the business right now!

The action is fast, tense, and insanely competitive which seems to be just the right recipe when it comes to games of this kind! Get into the endless customization opportunities that the game provides, create some of the wackiest, most insane vehicles in history and get into the pitch to get the ball kicking! Packed with action and explosive goals, there is never a dull moment with Rocket League!

Gears of War 4

This is one for the shooting game fans around the world and is arguably the best amongst the split-screen PC games in the genre! What makes Gears of War 4 stand out of the bunch is the fact that instead of featuring a simple, limited split-screen mode to enjoy with friends, the game allows playing the whole campaign in split-screen co-op. It provides new possibilities when it comes to tactical combat and problem solving as the two players have to learn to work together in a way that would help overcome the obstacles. One wrong move and you may have to start over again, no matter how good your individual skill is.

This is as close as you get to actual war in split-screen PC games, as we know that the field of war requires the soldiers to work together and working together is an essential part of Gears of War 4! “Fun” is not the first word you might think of when talking about the game, but it is most definitely an immersing experience the likes of which are always welcome in the gaming world!

Will split-screen PC games keep on coming?

It definitely seems like split-screen has moved away from the mainstream and has become a niche that is present in games increasingly rarer. That being said, it does not seem like new split-screen PC games will stop being made and we may be treated to many all-time greats in years to come!